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ESO Event Tickets: How To Get, Impresario Vendor & Update 39 Changes

The Elder Scrolls Online's Update 39 patch sees new changes rolled out for event tickets, including a safety rail system for looting event tickets.
ESO Event Tickets: How To Get, Impresario Vendor & Update 39 Changes

Players are actively playtesting the new content and updates, which will be coming soon to The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) in the Update 39 patch for console and PC. As developer ZeniMax Online Studios will add a handful of balance changes to PvP activities, Item Gear Sets, and Achievements, more optimizations will be made for a few in-game mechanics, including event tickets.

Event tickets are redeemable items players can utilize during the in-game events, but what exactly are they, and what are the new changes being addressed in the forthcoming patch? We've unpacked in this guide what players need to know about event tickets and all the recent changes arriving for ESO.

What Are Event Tickets And How To Get & Use Them In ESO?

Event tickets are another form of in-game currency players can utilize for various activities. These tickets can be used against purchases made during these events from an exclusive event vendor, the Impresario, who can be found at static locations, Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard, Vivec, Alinor, Rimmen, Solitude, and Leyawiin, for the event’s duration.

To earn these event tickets, you’ll need to participate in the event and complete its activities to acquire them. These will differ per event, which varies from daily quests to group dungeon activities and defeating World and Delve Bosses.

However, depending on the event’s duration and the activity in question will influence the number of tickets you can earn daily per account. Therefore, if you wish to amass a large sum of event tickets, you must actively participate in the event’s activities for some time.

But, players are advised that they can only hold a maximum of 12 tickets at a time, and they can be found within your Inventory under the Currency tab. Additionally, should you exceed the max cap for event tickets, the excess tickets will be lost, and you won’t be able to earn more until you’ve spent them when visiting the Impresario.

The event store items the Impressario will stock are determined on the event; you can expect to find base collectible fragments, upgrade collectible fragments, unique collectibles, furniture, pets, style pages, and more. Once you’ve made your purchase, it’s important to remember that they cannot be refunded, and items purchased can’t be traded.

New Changes For Event Tickets In The Elder Scrolls Online

elder scrolls online currency guide event tickets zeal of zenithar event update 39 patch notes changes
The changes outlined in the Uodate 39 patch notes won't affect the ongoing Zeal of Zenithar event for ESO. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Detailed in the Public Test Server (PTS) patch notes for the v9.1.0 update, which includes the Update 39 patch, developer ZeniMax Online Studios will implement a few changes regarding event tickets. One of these changes is a new safety rail when obtaining event tickets from multiple lootable sources, which includes looted event tickets that warn players when handing them in.

According to the developer, this new change has already been set in place for the Undaunted Celebration and Witches Festival, and as such, it will be rolled out for future events. Additionally, the developer has noted other changes for event tickets that will be launched in the Update 39 patch coming soon to the console and PC, which are as follows:

  • After completing an activity or action that should have triggered dropping event tickets but is unable to collect them due to max cap, players will receive an in-game pop-up notification alerting them of this
  • When spending event tickets to make room to loot more, you will have the opportunity to head back to the location and adequately loot the source to gain the tickets
  • Should you be unable to loot the tickets either by forgetting to do so, the game crashed, or losing connection and being kicked out of the server, you won’t incur the daily reset
    • Instead, you can regain the tickets lost by completing complete dungeon activities, defeating bosses, or the required daily activity until you have looted the daily event tickets

It’s worth pointing out that players will still be able to receive event tickets once daily per account, as with the previous guideline. Players can playtest the new changes for the event tickets now through the PTS available for The Elder Scrolls Online, and if you have yet to install the launcher, we have detailed in a handy guide on how to download it.