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How to unlock Isobel companion in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

Isobel is a new Breton companion introduced in the High Isle expansion of Elder Scrolls Online, here's how you can unlock her.
How to unlock Isobel companion in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

The latest chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online, High Isle, is finally out on PC. This marks the first time the Elder Scrolls game will feature the Bretan-dominated Mediterranean region of the Tamriel. Alongside adding new zones and quests, the High Isle also introduces two new companions.

First introduced in the 2021's Blackwood expansion, companions in Elder Scrolls Online are recruitable characters that accompany you across your adventures in Tamriel. They are not just mercenaries but characters with distinct personalities and motives. The High Isle expansion adds Ember and Isobel. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock Isobel, a Breton Knight aspirant.

Isobel's location in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle

isobel companion location elder scrolls online high isle
You will find Isobel outside Castle Navire in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle. (Picture: Bethesda)

You can unlock Isobel as soon as you step foot in the vibrant High Isle region. Once you have arrived in Gonfalon Bay, which is the starting area of the game, head towards Castle Navire Wayshrine, the location of which is marked in the screenshot above.

Here, talk to an NPC called Lord Remard DeFulley, who will fill you in about a classic family drama unfolding in Castle Navire. Interacting with DeFulley will also start the quest, "Tournament of the Heart," for which you will have to find Isobel.

You will find Isobel right outside the Castle Navire. Interact with her, and she will accompany you in the quest. You must complete the "Tournament of the Heart" quest to unlock Isobel as a companion in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle. It could take about 35-40 minutes to finish this companion quest.

How to summon a companion in Elder Scrolls Online

summon companion elder scrolls online
Assign the companion in the Collection section of inventory to summon them. (Picture: Bethesda)

Once you have unlocked a companion in Elder Scrolls, you have to assign and activate them to summon during battle or while exploring Tamriel. New players, in particular, may find it a bit confusing though it only takes a few seconds to do it.

After you have unlocked Isobel, open up your inventory and go to the Collections section. Here, you will find the Companions tab under the Allies column. From here, you can assign and summon Isobel and other companions that you may unlock in Elder Scrolls Online.

That concludes our guide on how to unlock Isobel companion in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle.

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Featured image courtesy of Bethesda.