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ESO Housing Kelesan'ruh Home: How To Get, Location & Furnishing Cap

The Telvanni Peninsula is receiving a new Housing option as part of an in-game event, so here's how to get the Kelesan'ruh Home in ESO.
ESO Housing Kelesan'ruh Home: How To Get, Location & Furnishing Cap

The patch notes for Update 39 are available for players to view the new content, adjustments, and optimizations coming soon to The Elder Scrolls Online. The new content players can expect from this update include new furnishings, Master Writ Offerings, Achievements, and Homes.

Of the latter, the Telvanni Peninsula will be gaining another Classic Home option, with the Kelesan'ruh Home available to preview in the Public Test Server (PTS). This guide explains how to acquire it, its known location, and the furnishing cap for the Kelesan'ruh Home in ESO.

How To Get The Kelesan'ruh Home In ESO

The Kelesan'ruh Home is one of two new housing options coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in its forthcoming update. According to the developer, this home is currently available for playtesting via the PTS servers, but isn't available to acquire until the release of Update 39. Players can view the property in the meantime.

elder scrolls online housing guide kelesan'ruh how to get in-game event telvanni peninsula
Kelesan'ruh is one of two new homes arriving to The Elder Scrolls Online, which players can view in the PTS environment. (Picture: Futerko / The Elder Scrolls Online Forums)

As to how you can acquire it at launch in ESO, there will be an upcoming event for which you must obtain a specific Collectible inside the All Deeds Envelope from The Homeowner's Crate on the PTS. Nevertheless, its in-game description reads as follows:

Designed by a mycoturge for a now-missing arcanist, this Telvanni-style residence showcases gorgeous views. Both magical and mundane access to a sizable workshop and a cozy living space allow for uninterrupted research and rejuvenating rest, respectively.

Where To Find The Kelesan'ruh Home In ESO

If you want to add this fine "Telvanni-style residence" to your existing residential portfolio, you may want to look at its surrounding estate in-game. This home is in Tel Baro in the Telvanni Peninsula, and you can travel to it from the Fungal Lowlands Wayshrine and head northeast towards Tel Baro.

elder scrolls online housing guide kelesan'ruh how to find map location telvanni peninsula
The Kelesan'ruh Housing option is situated in Northern Telvanni, in the Tel Baro area. (Screenshot: ZeniMax Online Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Another option is to travel northwest from the Great Arm Wayshrine if coming from the Gorne Public Dungeon past a cistern found nearby. The home appears to be overlooking the coastline built into a rock face, and those who acquired the Emissary's Enclave will note that it looks almost similar to it from the exterior alone.

What Is The Kelesan'ruh Home's Furnishing Cap In ESO?

At the time of writing, it has yet to be made clear what the furnishing cap is, but if we use the current cap for all housing in ESO, this furnishing cap would be at 700. This significantly low furnishing cap may lie in the game's continuous support for last-gen consoles due to limitations with loading homes with more than 700 furnishings.

It's possible to raise the furnishing cap for PC past 700 as PC and consoles have different Megaservers with crossplay not being supported for ESO. To make matters worse, the developer has yet to comment on increasing the furnishing cap for PC, so in the meantime, your maximum furnishings is capped at 700.