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ESO Necrom: How To Unlock The Almalexia Tales Of Tribute Deck

Find the card fragments to unlock the Almalexia patron deck for Tales of Tribute and have complete control of your matches in ESO: Necrom.
ESO Necrom: How To Unlock The Almalexia Tales Of Tribute Deck

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Necrom chapter brought new balance changes and additions to its card game, Tales of Tribute. The latter makes way for a new deck and patron available for players to acquire; however, many need help to achieve this.

Luckily, having the High Isle and the Necrom chapters will make the process much easier before mastering the new deck. That said, here's exactly how to get the Almalexia deck for Tales of Tribute in ESO: Necrom.

How To Get The Almalexia Tales Of Tribute Deck In ESO: Necrom

The Almalexia deck is the latest to be added to ESO's card game, Tales of Tribute, along with its subsequent patron, Almalexia. This deck features a Starter Card, four upgrades, and eight unique cards, including copies totaling 20 cards overall.

While the upgraded cards can be obtained from Achievements and acquiring clues, you'll still need to have the deck before earning the upgraded cards. So if you wish to add this deck to your current collection, you'll need to locate its card fragments found throughout Apocrypha and the Telvanni Peninsula, which we've detailed below:

elder scrolls online tales of tribute guide almalexia deck how to unlock how to get card fragments
The Almalexia patron deck can be unlocked once you've collected all its card fragments found in Apocrypha and the Telvanni Peninsula. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)
  • Academ's Almalexia Deck Fragment: Acquired when exploring the Bastion Nymic World Event locations in the Telvanni Peninsula
  • Delver's Almalexia Deck Fragment: Acquired when exploring Delves in the Telvanni Peninsula
  • Hero's Almalexia Deck Fragment: Acquired after defeating the Gorne and the Underweave dungeon bosses
  • Seeker's Almalexia Deck Fragment: Acquired after completing the Llaro's Headache side quest
  • Slayer's Almalexia Deck Fragment: Acquired after defeating World Bosses in Apocrypha and the Telvanni Peninsula

It's also possible that specific fragments can be dropped by other means, like finding the Academ's Almalexia Deck Fragment after defeating Herald Seekers. Once you have all the deck fragments, navigate to the Collection tab and find Tales of Tribute, where you can find and unlock the Almalexia deck to use in-game.

How To Play The Almalexia Tales Of Tribute Deck In ESO: Necrom

According to the official developer post, the Almalexia deck primarily focuses on replacing the cards currently in your hand. This also allows for your opponent's cards to be temporarily discarded, achieved through the deck's core mechanics: Confine, Donate, and Reprive.

Confine is an effect whereby Almalexia's Agent cards will take a card from the opponent's cooldown pile and "hold it hostage" until it's removed from play. This effect can be found on the Devotional Gaoler, Mournhold Clergy, Temple Arbiter, The Lesson of Ayem, Tribunal Sentinel, and the Hand of Almalexia cards.

The Donate effect sees a card discarded from the player's hand in exchange for potentially drawing a stronger card. As this is an Action ability, the Collection Plate, Devotional Gaoler, Mournhold Clergy, Philanthropy, The Lesson of Ayem, and Festival of Remembrance cards all have this effect but when in play.

elder scrolls online tales of tribute guide almalexia deck how to play confine effect hand of almalexia card
The Hand of Almalexia card has the confine effect, which takes a card from your opponent and places it in the cooldown pile. until it's removed from play. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

Lastly, the Reprieve effect is when you can view the cards at the top of your opponent's deck and take one of their cards to add to the cooldown pile. This effect stems from Almalexia's patron ability, which you'll need to gain more favor to view deeper into your opponent's deck but at the cost of increasing its cost.

Ultimately, the purpose of the Almalexia deck is to frustrate your opponents by trying to get powerful cards in the first few turns. This deck is centered on being more of a control deck by halting your opponent, gaining the upper hand in the opening moments of a match, and allowing you to pull off some great plays, including card combinations.

To neutralize this specific deck, players who have the Rajhin, the Purring Liar deck should be fine with countering the cards and Almalexia's patron ability by dismantling chances of pulling off card combinations. Additionally, the power cards from the Red Eagle, King of the Reach deck, can destroy your cards, preventing the confining effect from occurring.

You can also unlock various achievements tied to this deck, including the Almighty Almalexia, Mercymother, I Bend My Knee, and The Gaze of Ayem achievements. Almighty Almalexia can be acquired after earning the upgrade cards for the Almalexia deck; the Gaze of Ayem is for using Almalexia's patron ability ten times, and the Mercymother, I Bend My Knee is for collecting all cards for this deck.