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How To Unlock The Inkslayer Character Title In The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Update 40 adds a bunch of new Achievements, one of which unlocks the Inkslayer Character Title.
How To Unlock The Inkslayer Character Title In The Elder Scrolls Online
ZeniMax Online Studios

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)’s Update 40 is arriving on PC and Mac on 30th October 2023, during which PC players have the opportunity to playtest new content. With the Endless Archive being available to all players for free, they can begin their conquest of clearing the dungeon-like domain by defeating waves of enemies and bosses to be rewarded.

There are several new Achievements linked to their explorations of the archive, in which the Inkslayer Character Title is a reward earned by completing a specific Achievement. Below, we go over everything about the Inkslayer Character Title, including how to unlock it in The Elder Scrolls Online.

How To Unlock The Inkslayer Character Title In ESO

Update 40 will add 77 new Achievements, of which three are connected to achieving new Character Titles in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Inkslayer is one of the new Character Titles players can earn by meeting the objective outlined for its associated Achievement, the Endless Archive Conqueror.

elder scrolls online achievement guide
Speak with Master Malkhest when arriving at the Index Chamber to receive the daily quest to find and defeat Tho'at Replicanum. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

According to the update's Public Test Server (PTS) patch notes, this Achievement can be unlocked by defeating Tho'at Replicanum's final evolution form within the Endless Archive. To achieve this, players are to speak with Master Malkhest, who can be found at the Index Chamber inside the Endless archive, where they can also find the Watching merchants, Filers Tezurs, and Ool.

They must accept the starting (daily) quest after speaking with Master Malkhest, which requires them to successfully finish one Arc (five cycles comprising multiple stages). This is how players will be able to reach Tho'at Replicanum, which is the main objective for this quest, and the Endless Archive Conqueror Achievement, as it will grant you the aforementioned Character Title.

However, players must repeat this daily quest as the Achievement states that they must defeat the Tho'at Replicanum in its final evolution. So, as for when the Tho'at Replicanum reaches its final form, it will task players to do multiple runs within the Endless Archive, more specifically, complete four Arcs.

This allows players to reach the Tho'at Replicanum boss battle, but each time, its form will change, and the difficulty will significantly increase. Once at its final form, players must defeat this boss, either with a Companion, a friend, or the assistance of Verses and Visions, to complete the Arc and unlock the Endless Archive Conqueror Achievement, earning the Inkslayer Character Title.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, Mac, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. Players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide as Update 40 releases for Mac and PC on 30th October 2023.