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Best Weapons in Enshrouded, Where to Find Weapons

Find out where the best weapons in Enshrouded are hiding and which ones deserve your attention.
Best Weapons in Enshrouded, Where to Find Weapons
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After you've snagged the hatchet and settled into the world of Enshrouded, finding the best weapons is one of your long-term challenges. The best weapon you can find early on in Enshrouded won't match what you snag in the late game, but there are some good places to focus.

While some games tie all special weapons to definitive locations, Enshrouded uses a mix of static location legendary weapons and several that drop as randomly generated loot. Here, we'll go over where you can acquire all the best weapons in Enshrouded.

What is the best weapon in Enshrouded?

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If you're looking for the most powerful pure melee wepaon in Enshrouded, you'll be on a quest for the Sun Hammer. This endgame legendary weapon deals massive damage, has high durability, and boasts a monstrous amount of parry power. Unfortunately, for most players finding it will be a very lengthy process that needs luck on your side.

Many of the best weapons in Enshrouded are randomly generated loot for high level boss fights and grinding locations like the Sun Temple once you've reached Level 25. You'll also find many as randomly generated Silver Chest loot in locations like the Nomad Highlands, Kindlewastes, and Revelwood. Gold Chests tend to be fixedlocation loot such as the Guard of the North Armor Set.

The other question you'll eventually have to answer is what kind of weapon do you prefer to use. For some, the combination of a strong shield and one-handed melee weapon is ideal and offers the speed and versatility in combat they'll want. Magic users will likely lean on finding a powerful staff, and archers won't be the only players who benefit from an extra strong bow. Your own playstyle will impact the best weapon for your build.

Best Locations to Farm Weapons in Enshrouded

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As for where to go when you're hunting the best weapons in Enshrouded, the two things you're looking for are chests and powerful enemies. Taking out a Thunderbrute or other equally strong enemy is a great chance at randomly dropped weapons. Similarly, opening up any loot chest in higher level locations will be a good opportunity.

Fortunately, you can easily reset the game and keep farming these once you've found a spot you like. Place a Flame Altar near the location you're looking to farm, but make sure it's far enough away not to prevent the location from respawning. After you open the chest or defeat the boss, return to the altar or your base and exit the game to the main menu.

Unfortunately, farming weapons like this is best done on a private solo game. Using this method on a dedicated shared server doesn't cause an immediate server reset, so you may lower the spawn timer but will still have to wait. As shown above, one of the best early locations to farm is the initial Elixer Well west of Braelyn Bridge.

There's a Thunderbrute here you can regularly take down that has a chance at spawning some good loot, and you'll rack up useful materials and XP along the way. There are chests and strong enemies to take out at Pikemead's Reach, and that's also where you'll find some of the best armor in Enshrouded. There are some good locations around Revelwood as well.

As you reach the late game and make it to the far west parts of the map, start grinding your way through the Nomad Highlands and Kindlewastes. Finally, the very late game option will be the Sun Temple, but you'll need a lot of other strong weapons to reach that stage. Keep grinding, and use Runes to upgrade the best weapons you find that fit your Enshrouded build.