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Best Armor in Enshrouded, How to Get Every Armor Set

If you're looking to beef up your durability, acquiring all the best armor in Enshrouded will make a huge impact.
Best Armor in Enshrouded, How to Get Every Armor Set
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As you begin your Flameborn journey in Enshrouded, you'll quickly realize going into battle without effective armor can be a recipe for disaster. Some enemies faced early on can be managed with your simple ragged armor, but several will require you to be better equipped.

Most of the Enshrouded armor sets are linked to the various Craftspeople you can unlock, and you'll have the option to mix and match pieces for the best visual and strategic benefits. We'll go over all the best armor in Enshrouded here so you can decide which one is worth your time.

What is the best armor in Enshrouded?

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The further along you get in Enshrouded, the more powerful the armor sets you can craft and locate will become. Most of the early armor sets will be linked to Craftspeople, and you'll want to focus on crafting new armor sets as soon as you gain access to them. The primary question will become which one suits you best.

When you unlock certain Enshrouded Craftspeople like the Hunter, Blacksmith, and Alchemist, each of them will grant you access to crafting new armor sets. As you do specific quests for each of those Craftspeople, new tools like the Hand Spindle and others will further unlock more powerful high level armor sets through that person.

A few rare Enshrouded armor sets will require some searching, particularly the Guard of the North set which is located at Pikemead's Reach and can be acquired before you gain access to some of the more advanced craftable sets. There are also a few very rare and powerful armor sets located at the Sun Temple late in the game, but details on how to acquire them are slim as many are still advancing towards those stages.

Your own playstyle is going to dictate which Enshrouded armor set is best for you, and it's something that will change over time. You can mix and match armor pieces from different sets without issue, so take a close look at their specific benefits. Players that avoid melee combat don't need armor that increases their Block, and a character that focuses on using a bow won't need increased Wand Damage.

How to Get Every Armor Set in Enshrouded

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The first Enshrouded armor set you'll have access to is the Rags Set, and you can craft the Ragged Shirt, Ragged Pants, and Ragged Boots with manual crafting in your inventory. To level things up, you'll need to craft armor with the following characters. 

  • Blacksmith Armor Sets: Fur Armor Set, Rising Fighter Set, Adventurer Set, Tank Set, Guardian Set, Mercenary Set, Rogue Set, Warden Set, Soldier Set
  • Hunter Armor Sets: Scout Set, Marksman Set, Ranger Set, Sharpshooter Set, Hunter Set, Deadeye Set, Assassin Set, Deerstalker Set
  • Alchemist Armor Sets: Alchemist Apprentice Set, Mage Set, Healer Set, Herbalist Set, Magician Set, Sage Set, Archmage Set, Warlock Set

As for the Enshrouded armor sets found throughout the world, the only one that has a confirmed set of locations is the Guard of the North Armor Set. Here's where to find each piece of the Guard of the North Armor Set in Enshrouded:

  • Guard of the North Helmet: Found at a platform attached to the tower on the east side of the castle at Pikemead's Reach.
  • Guard of the North Chestplate: Found inside a sarcophagus in the catacombs underneath the east side of the Imperial Gardens.
  • Guard of the North Pants: Found under a ruined walkway at the northern tip of Pike's Port.
  • Guard of the North Gloves: Found next to the gate on the north side of Huckster's Square.
  • Guard of the North Boots: Found at the top of a tall tower on the south side of the Shanty Shacks district.

Finally, there are several armor sets that we don't yet know exact details on how to acquire. Each these armor sets appear to be drops tied to late game boss fights or grinding in the Sun Temple once you've hit Level 25:

  • Non-Crafted Armor Sets: Archer Set, Eagle Eye Set, Elder Set, Fowler Set, Gloom Monarch Set, Hawk Set, Knight Set, Mystic Set, Radiant Paladin Set, Spellbinder Set, Warrior Set, Wizard Set

We'll be sure to update this guide once details have been confirmed on these armor sets, but for now players continue to push forward. Again, if any of the crafted sets aren't yet showing with that character, you'll likely need to continue a specific quest for them to unlock a new crafting station that'll expand your access to specific resources.