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How to Repair Equipment in Enshrouded

You'll notice items breaking early, but repairing equipment in Enshrouded is easier than you might realize.
How to Repair Equipment in Enshrouded
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As you get rolling in Enshrouded, you'll eventually become frustrated as a trusty tool used too often breaks. Rather than crafting or seeking a new one, you can easily repair equipment in Enshrouded either at your base or at specific locations. Whether you're just tired of making a new Pickaxe or want to repair a valuable weapon, we'll explain how repairing equipment works in Enshrouded.

How to Repair Equipment in Enshrouded

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The easiest and most reliable way to repair equipment in Enshrouded is with the Workbench at your main base. This happens so automatically early on that you may not notice it, but every time you interact with the Workbench it will automatically repair all the equipment in your hotbars.

All you need to craft a Workbench is Wood Logs and String, the latter of which can be crafted with Plant Fiber from clearing bushes around the world of Enshrouded. The only catch is that a Workbench has to be placed within the buildable area of a Flame Altar. This means you'll normally keep one at your main base along with chests and other crafting stations.

However, it also means that you can easily repair equipment on the move so long as you keep a Workbench and Flame Altar with you or gather the nearby materials to craft and place them. If you expect to be doing any extensive mining or terraforming to reach something, this is an easy way to keep yourself from having to travel home quite as frequently to repair your tools.

The other option to repair equipment is Enshrouded is with an Anvil, and these are located in several spots across the map. There's one by the Blacksmith Ancient Vault on the north side of Braelyn Bridge that you'll reach fairly early during Find the Sleeping Survivor, just keep in mind the enemies by it will respawn if you don't visit it for a while. Placing a Flame Altar too close to an Anvil will also cause it to despawn, but in that case you can place a Workbench to repair things.