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Enshrouded Devs Warn Players, Promise Server Admin Update

While promising future security upgrades are on the way, Enshrouded devs warns players to be careful with public servers.
Enshrouded Devs Warn Players, Promise Server Admin Update
GINX/Patches Chance

We're only a week or so out from Enshrouded going live for Early Access, and continued updates are still on deck as the game is refined ahead of an official worldwide launch. While any Early Access period is going to face hiccups, the issue that's concerning Enshrouded devs is for once actually caused by the players themselves. With upgrades promised on the server admin sign, they have suggestions for Enshrouded players in the interim.

Enshrouded devs warn players to password protect their public servers

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As more and more players dive into Enshrouded during Early Access, it's become apparent that "not everyone is playing nice in the shroud." According to an update from a dev team member in the Enshrouded Discord, they "highly recommend to always set a password" if players are hosting a peer-to-peer server or using a dedicated server.

The issue seems to be rooted in Enshrouded's ability to keep your inventory as you jump from server to server, and some players are taking advantage of the opportunity to jump into a public server and steal items before hopping back out. Devs suggest always using password protection, as this will allow hosts to control who joins their server.

They've also suggested backing up save data locally just in case anyone is opening a public server, as this can provide some safety if another player joins and creates problems. Fortunately, additional updates are on the way to help players keep issues like this under control in Enshrouded.

"During Early Access, we plan as a top priority to implement server-wide rights that can be set by the server admin for each player, such as guests with only viewing rights, members who can build and use the base, and moderators who can set the rights for other players," they explained. 

There are plenty of other feature upgrades and bug fixes on deck, but it's good news for those hosting servers that additional controls will be implemented. In the meantime, it would be good for anyone with a public server in Enshrouded to utilize these suggestions just in case.