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How to Strengthen the Flame at a Flame Altar in Enshrouded

You won't have to travel too far to score the first major Flame Altar upgrade in Enshrouded.
How to Strengthen the Flame at a Flame Altar in Enshrouded
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Once you've gotten situated early on in Enshrouded, you'll notice one of the first chokepoints is being able to plac ejust two Flame Altars. Fortunately, you can score an upgrade and Strengthen the Flame Altar without going too far.

We'll go over where to find the first Spark in Enshrouded, which will be the key to your Flame Altar improvement. We've also got details on all the other materials required and how you can find them in Enshrouded.

How to Find a Spark in Enshrouded

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To acquire the Spark needed to strengthen a Flame Altar, you need to locate a Flame Shrine. The first and easiest to reach will be on the north side of Braelyn Bridge, and it's one you'll get near as you work to Find the Sleeping Survivor.

On the north side, follow the southern cliff path around to the west. The tan flame icon seen above just below the Ancient Vault - Blacksmith icon is the Flame Shrine you're looking for. After you approach and interact with it, you'll receive a Spark you can use back at your own Flame Altar.

Make sure to gather the other items around it, and then continue to follow that cliff path a bit further west to where the red arrow icon is shown above. This isn't required to Strengthen the Flame Altar, but it'll help you spot a major Flintstone vein. Mining this with a pickaxe is a great way get XP early on.

How to Strengthen the Flame at a Flame Altar

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After you've got the Spark, it'll be time to make sure all the other materials are ready. Resin will come from chopping down larger trees with an Axe, and Red Mushrooms are gathered all around Longkeep and in the first region you start in.

Bones can be gathered from some enemies in the shroud, but you can also get bones by destroying skeletons in some of the Longkeep ruins with any weapon. Shroud Liquid comes from the large spores in the shroud, which you can chop at with an axe or another tool.

Lastly, you can gather Animal Fur by killing goats or wolves around Longkeep. Continue gathering until you have all that's needed, and interact with a Flame Altar then choose to Strengthen the Flame. The first upgrade will double the amount of Flame Altars you can place, improve your ability to navigate the shroud, and power up your character a bit.