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How to Find Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

Going into the shroud in Enshrouded is dangerous, but you still need Shroud Wood.
How to Find Shroud Wood in Enshrouded
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When you first start exploring Enshrouded, the dreaded shroud will be a dangerous area that demands caution. However, crucially important items like Shroud Wood are necessary for some of the game's most helpful crafting recipes. If you're struggling finding Shroud Wood, we'll go over the best spot to search early and how to gather it safely in Enshrouded.

Where to Get Shroud Wood in Enshrouded

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There are several areas early on in Enshrouded, particularly around the Longkeep ruins, that are mildly covered by the shroud. These small pockets can be full of useful items, but none of them nearby Longkeep or just east of it actually have the trees you need for Shroud Wood.

For that, the best thing to do early is head north towards Barelyn Bridge. There's a massive area of the shroud beneath that bridge, but you need to be extra careful. Running out of time in the shroud can cause you to die and lose your items, and the same could happen if you're killed by an enemy.

Make sure you have a hatchet or sword handy at all times so you can fight off enemies in the shroud, and be sure to loot them after you do. Once you're certain the enemies nearby have been taken care of and that danger averted for the moment, look for large dark wooden trees.

Shroud Wood comes from trees that are broken off near the top and aren't extremely tall. You can use any item, but an axe works best to gather Shroud Wood quickly and effectively. Keep an eye on the clock, and make sure to head out before it's too late.

You'll eventually be able to upgrade your ability to stay in the shroud over time, but these early stages of Enshrouded will only require short stints in the shroud as you continue to explore. Make sure you don't travel too far in the shroud, and always know how to find your way back out in a pinch.