Best esports jerseys of 2020

A new year brings rebrands, new players and big changes to various esports. New jerseys to start the year have also been released by organisations across the scene.
Best esports jerseys of 2020

Esports jerseys are one of the most important things for an organisation. With players wearing them and sponsors featured prominently in their designs, having a popular and nice-looking jersey is never a bad thing.

2020 has brought numerous new jerseys to commence the year and some are a lot better than others.

With that said, here are the seven best 2020 esports jerseys available now.

G2 Esports

The more wild and uncontrollable (emphasis on 'troll') side of G2 has been contained and instead the streaks of red and white are both firmly in a set stripe.

Is this a sign G2 will start to become more serious and stick to meta and winning tournaments? Unlikely.

Misfits Gaming

Misfits has teamed with Outerstuff for the new design, which sees the usual fluffy bunny replaced by a sinister variant that looks straight out of Donnie Darko.

Mischief is one thing, but this jersey looks so good, some might even say it's to die for...

Excel Esports

The news that Excel had partnered with BT was a bombshell to begin the year with following

While the jersey isn't extravagant or flashy, the mere fact a brand like BT features on it and went as far as to put it in their national advertising campaign is huge.

Excel looks set to continue making strides in esports and look good while doing so.


There was a time where many esports organisations were moving towards black, grey and white styles for their jerseys, but TSM has always managed to do it better than most.

Its 2020 jersey is no different - this time encorporating stars above the logo and looks closer to a football jersey than the usual esports offerings.

Natus Vincere

Na'Vi often see dramatic redesigns when it comes to its jerseys rather than simply adding sponsors or tweaking smaller aspects.

The 2020 jersey combines camoflage with the traditional Na'Vi colours.


North saw a huge rebrand to start of the year as well as the return of a familiar face to its CS:GO roster.

With that, a new jersey was revealed that took more inspiration from its return to its Nordic routes. Like TSM, FC Copenhagen's influence can be sensed with another design similar to football jerseys.


Gen.G CEO and Chairman Kevin Chou also owns the organisation's Overwatch team, Seoul Dynasty, which features a tiger as its logo in the same colours.

Embracing this identity with its NBA 2K League franchise, the Tigers of Shanghai, the jersey too emulates a tiger with dark stripes in its design.

Honourable mention

Call of Duty League


Just kidding.