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Revealed CDL jerseys receive community backlash

The designs were silently added to the league store but when discovered, the fans weren't happy with the generic look for each team's home and away kits. Many wondered why more unique designs weren't used for each franchise.

The Call of Duty League will see its Launch Weekend at the Minneapolis Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, hosted by the Minnesota RØKKR team. 

While merchandise had been created by different teams including Chicago Huntsmen, the official jerseys for players had yet to be revealed.

After being added to the official CDL shop, the addition didn't go unnoticed.

While the Home jerseys are predominantly white, the Away jerseys are black. Each team will see their logo, name and team colours on the design accompanied by a matching camo stripe across the front.

The decision to go with identical sets of designs was not well-received by the Call of Duty community.

Many found the jerseys unoriginal and wanted more distinctive and bold designs. One designer, dommy.ART, shared his 'Re:imagined' designs on Twitter.

Both the Home and Away jerseys are priced at $74.99 each for all teams and the 100% polyester garments are closer to t-shirts than the common esports jerseys found in other titles.

With spots in the CDL priced at $25 million, the decision to go for a shared design for the centralised official merchandise similar to the Overwatch League added to the backlash.

Ahead of the start of the Season, it was revealed that there will be less events than initially announced following concerns by teams who had both CDL and OWL teams, as the latter added their own homestand events to the calendar for 2020.

The Launch Weekend will take place 24-26th January with all 12 CDL teams attending the first event of the inaugural season.

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