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Damwon Gaming apologise for Twitter security breach

A security breach was reported in the official Twitter account of the world champions, where an intruder shared explicit content through it, which has already been removed.
Damwon Gaming apologise for Twitter security breach

A few hours ago, an attack on the official Twitter account of Damwong Gaming KIA, champions of the LCK and Worlds 2020, was reported with explicit adult content being shared, which surprised and worried many fans of the Korean team.

At the time of writing, DWG staff have taken back control of the account, with the offending tweet deleted and removed from the account's "like" history.

Damwon Gaming Twitter hacked porn adult material
Damwon Gaming's Twitter account was taken over for a short time. (Picture: DWG KIA)

Although for now it’s not known who was responsible for this, DWG KIA has already posted an apology for this unexpected attack, in addition to warning that they will go after the person responsible.

“We apologize for causing you trouble late in the morning. Like the controversial post, it is judged as account hacking, and we will follow the relevant procedures in the morning to determine the case for sharing the content."

The esports organisation also pleaded with fans to refrain from speculation and criticism as it has been confirmed the incident is not the fault of the staff in charge, while they also apologized for anything disturbing their fans could have seen.

DWG KIA, formerly known as Damwon Gaming, is a Korean League of Legends team Joining the LCK in 2018, the quickly established themselves as one of the best teams in the world. In 2020 they were crowned champions of the LCK and Worlds.