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ESL creates esports 'Monopoly' board game

Are you ready to spend thousands of euros to buy ESL Cologne or DreamHack Open?
One of the biggest esports tournament organizers in the world, ESL, has created one of the first versions of the Monopoly board game based on esports.
ESL’s model contains its own, unique pawns, including a console controller, a keyboard, pair of headphones or the company logo.

The rules of the game are no different from any other Monopoly board game versions. The goal is still to earn more money than your opponents, by buying gaming and esports festivals such as ESL Cologne, ESL Katowice, DreamHack Open or ESL Pro League Play-offs.

esports Monopoly board game esl
(Picture: ESL)

The game as of now is available in two languages: English and German (printed on both sides of the board). It can be purchased on the official ESL Gaming shop site. It costs €49.99, or £44.99, depends on your preference, with shipping available to the whole world.

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