NVIDIA and ROG develop 360Hz esports display monitor

NVIDIA and ROG are developing the world’s first 360Hz esports display technology to help the most elite gamers in the world take advantage of the frame rates available from today’s highest-end gaming PCs.
NVIDIA and ROG develop 360Hz esports display monitor

The ROG Swift 360Hz is being developed by NVIDIA and ROG as the world's fastest esports gaming monitor and the first-ever 360Hz display powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC.

Tested by professional CS:GO player Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert, the 29-year-old American praised the improvements the monitor brought to his game.

"When I first heard 360 Hz, I was like, "How much better can you get than 240?" When I switched back and forth, I could immediately tell that there was a difference. The first noticeable benefit was just the clarity and smoothness when snapping around. I can speak for me as an FPS pro, it is huge to be able to have that control from point A to point B, visually and mechanically."

While the average monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz, gaming monitors are usually marketed with their 144Hz or even 240Hz rates as big selling points. A player with a 240Hz monitor would see 50% more frames every second with the ROG Swift's 360Hz capabilities.

Players of fast-paced competitive games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch will see the most benefit from a higher refresh rate and smoother visuals thanks to increased FPS.

As 2020 starts, the future for esports and gaming looks set to see significant leaps forward for both PC and console players.

With both the PS5 and Xbox set to be released in time for Christmas this year, the powerful consoles will be looking to keep up with PC developments while offering features such as the rumoured backwards compatability of the Sony model and new improved controllers that can also be used for PC gaming.

The ROG Swift 360Hz will be available to test at the ASUS CES 2020 showcase at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, as well as at the NVIDIA suite at the Wynn Resort.

No details on when the monitor will be available for purchase or how much it will cost have been revealed yet.