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Red Reserve make return despite former players going unpaid

Red Reserve set to relaunch with PUBG: Mobile team after closing in April 2019 with players and staff claiming they were owed money.

Red Reserve, who previously field teams in Call of Duty and CS:GO, are to relaunch despite owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to staff and ex-players.

“Red Reserve is such a well-known brand and it’s our desire to re-establish this brand and make it great again.” said Red Reserve CEO Kim Alden in a press release that acknowledged the companies past but stressed that they are a new company with different management, "we completely understand the reputation that comes with the name RR, we will build trust back and we will show how RR should operate, we have reverted back to its original logo to symbolise a return to its more successful years." 



The previous iteration of Red Reserve closed its doors in April 2019 after running into financial difficulties citing the Call of Duty team's "high salary requirements" as a contributing factor. At the time Call of Duty player Rhys "Rated" Price claimed he was owed $40,000 in prize money.

The organisation have acquired Relentless eSports LTD and their management team and will relaunch on the 14th of February with a focus on mobile esports, before branching into other games. They acquired the rights to the Red Reserve name late last year.


Red Reserve Relaunch


They have signed a PUBG: Mobile roster and the team is expected to feature in the upcoming PUBG: Mobile PMCO Spring Split. 

So Red Reserve is back, but whether than can rebuild the brand after the bad taste they left in many fans mouths is yet to be seen, with money still owed the current owners have a long way to go to repair the damage.

And any suggestions that employees and players will be receiving money they are owed won't find much to smile about in comments made by Kim Alden in a recent interview with Esport Insider, "The problem is that we are a new company. We are new management, we have nothing to do with the old board members and company at all – they still work on other organisations out there. We are not going to pay off the debts that the old board members and the old company should."