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Fall Guys player discovers insane Hex-A-Gone strategy

The indie game has hooked millions with its addictive blend of puzzle and platformer and one player has discovered the perfect strategy for the Hexagon map.
Fall Guys player discovers insane Hex-A-Gone strategy

Few indie games have made as big a splash in recent years as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has, killing it on social media and with rave reviews, the title has gone down a storm with gamers with over 1.5 million players jumping into its kaleidoscope world becoming enthused with its blend of battle royale, platform mechanics and puzzles.

If you don't know Fall Guys, it sees up to 60 players, who take the form of little jellybeans with legs, attempt to complete a series of obstacle courses until just one remains. Players battle it out through these challenges, whittling down their numbers, until the final round when the remaining players drop into one of the final round obstacle courses. 

One of these is called Hex-a-gone, a course that is considered one of the game's hardest but also one of it's most enjoyable. 

The course features eight platforms in the shape of a hexagon, the platforms are made up of individual hexagons - stand on one too long and you will drop down into the next platform.

Hex-a-gone strategy fall guys ultimate knockout strat
(Picture: Devolver MediaTonic)

The goal is to be the last person to fall into the slime that sits under it all.

The most obvious strategy, and one which most players have utilized, is to try and stay on the highest platform they can for as long as they can, but one player has discovered a more ingenious method of securing victory.

The strat is simple, and one which the player who discovered it describes as "99%" effective. Instead of trying to stay on the highest platform possible the player suggest you drop to the bottom as quickly as you can and begin systemically taken out the tiles so that any latecomers fall to their demise.

The strat quickly shot to the top of the Fall Guys Reddit page, which one user pointed out may well spell the end for the strategy.

"DELETE THIS NOW," said user ThanosIsMyDaddy, who clearly wanted to keep this trick to himself.

Other users suggested that once the strategy becomes commonplace it would no longer work, with one user pointing out that if more than one player does this you'll all fall before the other players drop to the lowest platform.

"If 3 of you get there you'll run out of tiles before the people above drop, especially as they'll have less people with them," said Chronospherics. "You'll be super reliant on people above messing up."

Whether this strategy stands the test of time is unclear, but while the game is new it will probably help get you over the finish line on more often than not. Enjoy!