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Fall Guys Season 2 kicks off 8 October

Ready for bean wizardry? Fall Guys goes medieval fantasy for Season 2 and we now have an official start date.
Fall Guys Season 2 kicks off 8 October

Fall Guys Season 2 will be throwing beans into medieval attire starting Thursday 8th October. 

Developer MediaTonic made the announcement on Twitter, stating the second season will release as season one concludes - presumably with no downtime between. 

Players will also be able to grab double fame points during this time, with the offer starting on Monday 5th October. 

Fall Guys Season 2 has a medieval fantasy theme, with new costumes including knights, dragons, witches, wizards and more. 

Fall Guys season 2 arrives this month (Picture: Media Molecule) 

There’ll also be new courses to tackle, featuring segments where you have to work together (shudder) to move blocks and navigate over obstacles. See-saw was only the beginning of the pain, it seems.  

Profile customisation is also coming in the new update, allowing you to change banner styles and nicknames.

This will largely be a big test to see whether Fall Guys can maintain longevity following its breakout success - although we’re all in for a wizard hat. 

Fall Guys Season 2 launches on Thursday 8th October.