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What is Team Rounds in Fall Guys

Take on challenges with your fellow jelly beans as we cover everything you need to know about Team Rounds in Fall Guys.
What is Team Rounds in Fall Guys

Now that Fall Guys is available to play for free, the game has seen a huge increase in players who are jumping into the Adorable Battle Royale. For new players though, a common challenge will be the Team Rounds that require some team coordination and knowledge of the possible games you might play beforehand.

But what are Team Rounds, and how do you play them? If these questions are currently on your mind, then look no further. This guide will give you all the information you need the next time you're part of a Team Round in the Fall Guys.

What Are Team Rounds in Fall Guys

What are team rounds in fall guys Games involving teams that appear in Nromal modes or Squad Shows
Team Rounds in Fall Guys are team events that pit you against other teams in small mini-games, and the team that comes in last is eliminated. (Picture: YouTube / streethawkfan)

Fall Guys Team Round can be a part of Squad Shows or just a round that gets played as part of any episode you're playing. In Team Rounds, all players are divided into two or however more teams are required, and must compete against each other to progress to the next round.

In Team Rounds, there will always be one losing team that gets eliminated. And it might sound simple, but these rounds can be challenging and frustrating to get through if your team isn't very well coordinated.

Team Rounds Fall Guys Hoarders
Hoarders is one of the Team Rounds you might play in Fall Guys. (Picture: YouTube / streethawkfan)

There are currently 12 Team Round modes that you will play against other teams and they are chosen at random when the round begins, below are all 12 of the Team Rounds you might end up playing in Fall Guys with a short description of each.

  • Egg Siege - Collect more eggs than the opposing teams.

  • Egg Scramble - Collect more eggs than the opposing teams.

  • Basketfall - Score points against the opposing teams.

  • Fall Ball - Score goals against the opposing teams.

  • Jinxed - The first team to get all players Jinxed loses.

  • Team Tail Tag - Grab the most tails off opposing team players within the time limit. 

  • Power Trip - Grab batteries to color tiles, the team with the most tiles colored at the end of the time limit wins. 

  • Hoopsie Daisy - Jump through the most hoops to win.

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll - Push your ball over the finish line before the other team. 

  • Hoarders - Keep balls in your area to score points for your team.

  • Pegwin Pursuit - Grab and hold onto a penguin to score points. 

  • Snowy Scrap - Push your snowball through the snow to grow to max size and score a point. 

Each team is chosen and compiled at random, so once you know which of the names you'll be playing in a Team Round, we recommend having a game plan in case your team is full of strangers who can then follow your lead. And that's everything you need to know about the many Team Rounds in Fall Guys.

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