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Best Fiber Optics Farm in Fallout 76: 2023 Locations Guide

Here, we will go over the best spots in Fallout 76 to farm fiber optics.
Best Fiber Optics Farm in Fallout 76: 2023 Locations Guide

Fallout 76 is a video game where players will often need to build bigger and better items so they can survive in the game. Crafting items like guns is a key mechanic in the game because most of the items you will find in the world are actually not that great. Sure there are legendary items you can find, but crafting items is often more reliable in Fallout 76.

As players progress through the game, the need for better weapons, better armor, and better mods increases. To create these items, players will need to get their hands on fiber optics. Fiber optics is one of the rarest resources in Appalachia. Here, we are going to go over how players can actually farm Fiber Optics in Fallout 76 to help them build the best weapons in the game.

Where To Find Fiber Optics In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Fiber Optics Farming
Fiber optics are a necessary resource to craft high-end armor in Fallout 76. (Picture: Bethesda)

Knowing where to find fiber optics in Fallout 76 is very important. When players are reaching higher levels, they will need better equipment, and the best way to get that equipment is through crafting with fiber optics. But Bethesda has made fiber optics actually very hard to find. There are very few items that actually can be scrapped to get fiber optics. Here is a list of items that break down into fiber optics in Fallout 76:

  • Biometric Scanner
  • Flight Data Recorder
  • High-Powered Microscopes
  • Microscopes

That is it. Players are looking for these four items to break them down into fiber optics. Luckily, these items, especially microscopes, are not too hard to find. There are also some enemies in Appalachia that actually drops fiber optics. Fog Crawlers will drop fiber optics every time a player kills one, so it is well worth the time invested in hunting them. Some robotic enemies will have items that can be broken down into fiber optics as well.

The Best Place To Farm Fiber Optics In Fallout 76

Fiber Optics Fallout 76 Farming
Head to high-tech areas to find items to get fiber optics. (Picture: Bethesda)

With the items listed above in mind, there are a couple of locations players can go to farm fiber optics. The best place to farm fiber optics is arguably Beckley. Beckley has a lot of different robotic enemies that players can take down and collect their Biometric Scanners. On top of that, Beckley also has a good number of microscopes that can be broken down into fiber optics as well.

Beckley is not the only spot with fiber optics. Robco Research Center, ATLAS Observatory, and The Whitespring Resort are all great places to farm fiber optics because they either have robots that are holding Biometric Scanners or they have Microscopes that players can pick up. In all honesty, players will probably want to visit all of these locations plus any other location that is considered high-tech to farm fiber optics. Fiber optics is a rare and valuable resource for creating the best weapons, mods, and armor when players are higher leveled. It is well worth the time to farm fiber optics at these locations.