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How To Find The Flatwoods Monster In Fallout 76

With the help of our guide, you too can find the Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76.
How To Find The Flatwoods Monster In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 takes place after a great war had taken place and the world was devastated by a large number of nuclear attacks. The nuclear attacks in the Fallout universe had so much radiation that many animals and humans were mutated due to the radiation. These radiated humans and animals became the various monsters that you see in Fallout 76.

One monster that players have taken an interest in is a creature known as the Flatwoods Monster. The Flatwoods Monster is one of the many creatures that you will meet in Fallout 76, but this particular beast is difficult to find. Here, we are going to go over how players can find the Flatwoods Monster in Fallout 76 so they can discover this puzzling creature for themselves.

Where Is The Flatwoods Monster In Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 Flatwoods Monster
There are a lot of strange monsters in Fallout 76. (Picture: Bethesda)

Fallout 76 is filled with various creatures in the game and as you might have guessed, not all of the monsters in the game are friendly. There are many monsters in Fallout 76 that attack any living creature that comes near them. That is why many NPCs will task you to kill monsters that might have gotten too close to them.

The best way to find the Flatwoods Monster is through a mission. In your camp, you might have a raider companion there. Through this raider companion, they will give you a mission called "Exterminate the Flatwoods Monster." Getting this mission is the easiest way to find the Flatwoods Monster.

You can also get two different daily missions that could possibly lead players to hunt the Flatwoods Monster. The missions are "Daily: Making Sacrifices" or "Daily: Queen of the Hunt." Either of these missions has the chance for players to hunt the Flatwoods Monster. There is also a possibility for players to randomly find it at night, but that is very rare.

How To Beat The Flatwoods Monster

Flatwoods Monster Fallout 76
Finding the Flatwoods Monster is easiest if players are given a mission to slay it. (Picture: Bethesda)

If you happen to find the Flatwoods Monster, the next thing players will want to do is defeat it. Beating the Flatwoods Monster will take a little bit of effort for a couple of reasons. The first is that the Flatwoods Monster can charm nearby enemies to attack the player and it can charm turrets to not work.

The Flatwoods Monster is also resistant to radiation. So the best way to take it down is through powerful physical attacks. Using guns with traditional ammo or using melee attacks is the best way to go. Just be wary of charmed monsters that can be nearby.