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How To Get Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics In Fallout 76

Here, we will go over how to get yourself some Weaponized Nuka-Cola Ammo in Fallout 76.
How To Get Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics In Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, there are a lot of different weapons that you can craft in the game. There are melee weapons, guns, and so much more that you probably cannot even guess unless you know the Fallout universe pretty well. To craft these various weapons, players will need to first obtain plans and schematics to do so. These plans will contain recipes for how to craft weapons in the game.

One of these recipes is the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics. These schematics allow players to learn how to use Nuka-Cola as weapons in Fallout 76. But of course, players will need to get the schematics first before they are able to build themselves a Nuka-Cola-powered gun. Here, we are going to go over how players can find the Weaponized Nuka Cola Schematics in Fallout 76.

Where To Find Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics
The Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics will help players create powerful weapons. (Picture: Bethesda)

As you might have guessed, the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics are part of the Nuka-World on Tour DLC by Bethesda. To get the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics, players will first need to visit the Nuka-Cade which is an arcade in Nuka-World. Players will then need to play some of the arcade games and earn themselves 20,000 points from the arcade machines.

You will use the 20,000 points from the Nuka-Cade to purchase the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics. Players can also get arcade points by participating in Nuka-World on Tour events as well. So it is really up to the players how they earn the points to afford the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics.

How To Use The Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics In Fallout 76

Nuka-Cola Schematics Fallout 76
Various Nuka-Cola-themed weapons and ammo can be created with the help of the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics. (Picture: Bethesda)

The game will notify you that you are able to make a Nuka Gun when you get the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics. Even though the game says that it is a bit misleading. What you actually unlocked with the schematics is the ability to craft new ammo and modifications for the Thirst Zapper weapon.

Through modding the Thirst Zapper, you can create the Nuka-Cherry Gun, the Nuka-Cola Gun, and the Nuka-Cola Quantum Gun. To create ammo for these weapons, you will need to go to a Chemistry Station and create the ammo through the Thirst Zapper Ammo section. As you might have guessed, you will actually need the appropriate flavor of Nuka-Cola to create the right ammo. Combine the right gun with the right ammo and you will have created powerful weapons with the help of the Weaponized Nuka-Cola Schematics.