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Far Cry 6 weapons list: All unique weapons, assault, sniper rifles and more

Far Cry 6 includes a ton of different weapons that players can equip, and here's a complete list of each type.
Far Cry 6 weapons list: All unique weapons, assault, sniper rifles and more
Far Cry 6 offers a variety of weapons that players can choose from to play in the game. These include assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, pistols etc., and each category has a few unique weapons scattered across the region that can make your gun look fancier.

If you want to know which weapons are available in Far Cry 6 so that you can pick the right one for you, we have provided a complete list below. Players can also improve these weapons in the Workbench except a few.

Far Cry 6: All weapons list

Resolver Weapons

Far Cry 6 weapons list
All Revolvers are 4-star in Far Cry 6. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • Tostador
  • El Muro
  • La Clavadora
  • El Besito
  • Pyrotechno
  • El Susurro
  • Discos Locos
  • Zeusito
  • El Pequeño
  • La Sorpresa
  • La Varita

Assault Rifles

Far Cry 6 weapons list
Assault Rifles can eliminate more than one enemies in a single round. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • 45/70-T
  • AK-47
  • MS16 S
  • AK-M
  • BP-RUC
  • AR-C
  • BP-2
  • BP-RUC
  • M16 A1
  • AS VAL
  • MS16 L
  • SKS
  • SSGP-58
  • Death Rites (Unique Rifle)
  • Fuck Antón (Unique Rifle)
  • iVIVA LIBERTAD! (Unique Rifle)
  • Camo Quinceañera (Unique Rifle)
  • Sharkbite (Unique Rifle)
  • Noblesse Oblige (Unique Rifle)
  • One Ping Only (Unique Rifle)
  • Vaya Con Dios (Unique Rifle)
  • Surf & Turf (Unique Rifle)
  • Hi-fi (Unique Rifle)
  • Urushi (Unique Rifle)
  • Zona-51 (Unique Rifle)

Submachine Guns

Far Cry 6 weapons list
SMGs are good for those players who can't handle much recoil. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • BP-SMG
  • BZ19
  • MP40
  • MPK5K
  • MP34
  • PPSH-41
  • MP7
  • Iron Curtain (Unique SMG)
  • Turn of the Century (Unique SMG)
  • Carriage Carnage (Unique SMG)
  • Streamline Moderne (Unique SMG)
  • DIY Death (Unique SMG)
  • SMG-Issimo (Unique SMG)
  • The Heroic End (Unique SMG)

Light Machine Guns

Far Cry 6 weapons list
LMGs have a high damage rate in Far Cry 6. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • RPD
  • M60 NV
  • MG21
  • MG42
  • Sink or Swim (Unique LMG)
  • Impact Driver (Unique LMG)
  • Crackle & Pop (Unique LMG)

Sniper Rifles

Far Cry 6 weapons list
Sniper Rifles can kill an enemy in a single shot from far away. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • Yaran SR-A
  • .308 Carbine
  • SVD
  • MBP .50
  • El Depredador (Unique Sniper Rifle)
  • Sobek Special (Unique Sniper Rifle)
  • Double Clutch (Unique Sniper Rifle)
  • El Tirano (Unique Sniper Rifle)
  • The Transubstantiator (Unique Sniper Rifle)
  • Kobracon (Unique Sniper Rifle)


Far Cry 6 weapons list
Shotguns can kill enemies in close range in a single shot. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • 1887 Sawed-off
  • M133
  • SBS
  • SPAS-12
  • KSG
  • RMS-18
  • Humidora (Unique Shotgun)
  • El Rubi (Unique Shotgun)
  • Ciervo Macho (Unique Shotgun)
  • The True Loyalist (Unique Shotgun)
  • Excavation Execution (Unique Shotgun)
  • Supercharger (Unique Shotgun)
  • Com.Pew.Ter. (Unique Shotgun)


Far Cry 6 all weapons list
Crossbows are slow but they offer high damage. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • Recurve Bow
  • Compound Bow
  • Bullseye (Unique Bow)
  • El Capirote (Unique Bow)


Far Cry 6 weapons list
You can launch rockets and grenades with these. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • M-79
  • RPG-7 
  • MGL-6
  • RAT4
  • La Guaracha (Unique Launcher)
  • El Caballero (Unique Launcher)
  • La Petite Mort (Unique Launcher)
  • Into Orbit (Unique Launcher)


Far Cry 6 weapons list
If you are out of bullets in your weapon, you might save yourself with pistols. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • M9
  • PMM
  • 1911
  • Mark VI
  • Desert Eagle
  • P226
  • Blood Drunk (Unique Pistol)
  • The Autocrat (Unique Pistol)
  • Lethal Dose (Unique Pistol)
  • El Florecer (Unique Pistol)
  • El Regalo De Clara (Unique Pistol)
  • Pistola Sportiva (Unique Pistol)


Far Cry 6 all weapons list
Auto pistols give you better chances of survival. (Picture: Ubisoft)
  • Skorpion
  • SMG-11
  • 6P13 Auto (Unique Auto-pistol)
  • Rococo Loco (Unique Auto-pistol)
  • El General (Unique Auto-pistol)
  • Snapshot (Unique Auto-pistol)
  • AJM 9 (Unique Auto-pistol)

You can have a detailed look at all of these weapons in the video uploaded by MELOO on YouTube: 


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.