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How to get Iron Curtain in Far Cry 6

Iron Curtain is one of the best SMGs you might find in Far Cry 6.
How to get Iron Curtain in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is one of the latest games available currently in the market, and as the name suggests, this is the sixth edition of the Far Cry series. The game is receiving a lot of positive responses from players around the world and offers a variety of weapon arsenal in the game, which players can find and equip to progress in the game. Among these, Iron Curtain SMG is one of the most hyped guns.

It is one of the unique weapons which doesn’t allow players to upgrade it on the bench; however, it is still one of the powerful weapons in the game. The gun has different mods with their own pros and cons that players can choose to get different advantages.

How to get Iron Curtain in Far Cry 6
Different types of modes are available for Iron Curtain in Far Cry 6. (Picture Credit - Ubisoft)

Here is the list of all the modes which players can choose from:

  • Soft-Target Rounds – Does Heavy damage against unarmored targets

  • Basic Suppressor – Reduces noise but slightly reduces the range and overheats quite fast.

  • Gunslinger – Improves draw and holster speed.

  • Keep It Cool – Improves suppressor cooling rate.

How to get Iron Curtain

How to get Iron Curtain in Far Cry 6
Pier in the east of Cruz Del Salvador near The El Tigre Dormido Hotel where you can find the Iron Curtain SMG. (Picture Credit - Ubisoft)

The Iron Curtain SMG can be obtained in The El Tigre Dormido Hotel, which is located on the eastern side of Cruz Del Salvador. Players need to complete an operation ‘Balance the Books’, which is given by Bembe.

While completing the operation, you can head to the Pier and jump off into the water. There you will find a chest with a gator theme that you can open to find the Iron Curtain SMG, although players need to be careful as there will be enemies around along with some predators in the depth of the water.


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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.