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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Title Update 6: Stepover and AI defending nerfs, bug fixes

Already rolled out on the PC, and coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this week this patch nerfs stepovers and makes the AI block less OP.
FIFA 21 Title Update 6: Stepover and AI defending nerfs, bug fixes

EA Sports has rolled out an update for FIFA 21 that tackles (heh) the game's over-powered AI defending.

This isn't the first time this year EA has nerfed a tactic, the last update reduced the effectiveness of team press, and now the ability of the AI to defend.

The changes are subtle but could in practise work to change how people play the game massively, with less reliance on using AI pressure to and a return to manual defending on the cards.

FIFA 21 Title Update 6
(Picture: EA Sports)

On a similar note players legs have been made less stretchy. Yes, you read that right the developers have noticed a problem with players being able to stretch their legs with intercepting a ball and from now on no more Mr Stretch playing for you at centre-back.

FIFA 21 stepover nerf

Also being given a change is the 2* skill move - stepovers.

The patch notes state the players will experience "reduced exit speed after a successfully performed stepover or stepovers while in motion."


FIFA 21 Title Update 6 patch notes


Made the following changes:

  • Reduced the distance that AI teammates can reach when attempting to block the ball.
    • This change applies only in situations where the ball carrier takes a shot.
  • Improved interception logic in situations where the defending player is directly in the ball’s path.
    • This change applies only in situations where the ball carrier is passing the ball.
  • Reduced exit speed after a successfully performed stepover or stepovers while in motion.
  • Increased the distance that a ball can travel after being deflected by the goalkeeper’s hands.

Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes, defenders could stretch their legs higher than intended when performing a blocking animation.
  • Sometimes, shoulder challenges and seal outs could result in unexpected player movement for the defending player.
  • Manual Player Switching with a mouse was not functioning when using keyboard and mouse controls.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issues:

  • After claiming a reward from the Community tab in the Objectives screen, the player was taken to the Season Progress tab instead of the Community tab.
  • On the Club tab of the Squad Screen, the Toggle List View action did not function when a Take Me There widget was on screen.
  • The FUT Champions logo displayed during replay transitions would sometimes get smaller with each replay.
  • When equipped, the Iceland Anthem Item did not play during pre-match scenes.
  • The Take Me There widget could persist on-screen in a rare instance.
  • After scoring a goal in Single Player Draft, the goalscorer’s Player Item did not display on the pitch during the next kick-off.
  • The Action Run Player Celebration Item was incorrectly listed as T Rex.
  • Addressed a potential stability issue when entering the FUT Store.

Career Mode

Addressed the following issues:

  • Negotiation scenes were displaying identical and incorrect Managers for both teams.
  • During a match, the Table Analysis scoreboard UI element could display incorrect data.
  • During negotiation scenes, player agents would sometimes wear an incorrect club badge.
  • In Player Career, the Virtual Pro’s Matches Played statistic was not tracking correctly when matches were partially simulated, and the Virtual Pro was substituted out of the match before the simulation took place.

Volta Football

Addressed the following issues:

  • In some cases, playing Pro Clubs before attempting to matchmake in VOLTA FOOTBALL would result in an “Unable to Setup Match” error message.
  • Drop-In VOLTA SQUADS lobbies were not correctly disbanding after dropping below the minimum number of players.
  • In some instances, the post-match Event Progress screen would incorrectly state that there were two Captains on the same team, instead of one.
  • A rare stability issue could occur when accepting a FIFA Online Friendlies match invitation while in VOLTA FOOTBALL.
  • A stability issue could occur during VOLTA SQUADS Placement matches.

Pro Clubs

Addressed the following issues:

  • Switching Game Plans as the Captain of a Drop-In Match could result in other players having their positions incorrectly changed.

General, Visual, and Audio

Made the following changes:

  • Updated several 2D player portraits, kits, badges and stadiums.
  • Updated 1 Manager Starhead.
    • This will only be available following a Server Release. Please follow the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker for updates on when it will be live in-game.

Addressed the following issue:

  • Stadium announcers were cut off by the commentary team, in rare situations.