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How to Complete All FIFA 23 Bundesliga Year in Review Riddles

Below, we'll show you how to complete the "Bundesliga Year in Review" objective to receive the Marcus Thuram TOTS card in FIFA 23.
How to Complete All FIFA 23 Bundesliga Year in Review Riddles

The Team of the Season for Bundesliga in FIFA 23 has been revealed by EA Sports, and Marcus Thuram, a forward from Borussia Monchengladbach, has been included in it. However, Thuram's card is not available in packs or on the Transfer Market, unlike other Bundesliga TOTS cards. 

To obtain Thuram's card, players must complete the "Bundesliga Year in Review" objective. So in this guide, we're going to show you how to compete for this objective by solving the puzzles involved and getting your hands on the Marcus Thuram TOTS card. 

FIFA 23 - How To Solve the Riddles and Complete “Bundesliga Year in Review” Objective

To achieve this objective, players need to complete seven tasks that form part of the "Bundesliga ear in Review" objective. However, EA Sports designed this objective to test their fans' familiarity with the current Bundesliga season. Therefore, to complete the tasks for this objective, fans must solve some riddles that are related to the current season of the Bundesliga.

FIFA 23 How To Complete Bundesliga Year In Review Puzzle Answers below
You'll need to complete a series of puzzles to complete this objective, and once you do, you'll unlock the Marcus Thuram TOTS card. (Picture: YouTube / UNLOCKKED)

Sting like a bee

  • In the first task, fans must recreate the unbeaten run of a particular club that had a great start to the season by including four Borussia Dortmund players in their team and winning eight matches in Squad Battle or Division Rivals.

Celebration at Mewa

  • The second task requires scoring a hat trick using an Austrian player in Ultimate Team, who played a crucial role in his team's victory.

Bavarian victory

  • In the third task, fans must recreate the domination of Bayern Munchen, who scored six goals in one match, by including a player from that team in their Ultimate Team and scoring six goals in a single match.

Terrific Tie

  • The fourth task is about RB Leipzig, a club that is known for its determination and late comebacks, and fans need to score three goals with players from that club.

Relegation Battle

  • The fifth task requires using a Hertha Berlin player in Ultimate Team to score and win, as the club had a tough season but managed to win their latest match after multiple failures on Matchday 31.

Top 5

  • The sixth task requires using two players from each of the Top 5 Bundesliga clubs and winning ten matches.

Iron Strength

  • The final task involves scoring two goals and winning a match using a Union Berlin player, who played a significant role in his team's impressive performance this season.
FIFA 23 How To Complete Bundesliga Year In Review reward Uses
Completing the objective for this card is worthwhile since Thuram boasts an exceptional attack stat compared to most of the team. (Picture: EA Sports)

And there you have it, a quick look at how to solve the riddles that are part of the Bundesliga Year in Review objective and claim the Thuram TOTS, a 90-rated player with outstanding attacking abilities. Fans are advised not to miss out on this opportunity to acquire an exceptional Attacker with 94 Pace, 91 Dribbling, 91 Shooting, and 90 Physicality.