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Hilarious Ryan Reynolds FIFA 23 Easter Egg Has Everyone Talking

Ryan Reynolds' hilarious reaction to Wrexham AFC vs. Liverpool in FIFA 23 is everything you might expect (and more)!
Hilarious Ryan Reynolds FIFA 23 Easter Egg Has Everyone Talking

The FIFA 23 community is currently in stitches after a player recently stumbled upon a hilarious easter egg featuring Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, owners of the Welsh football team Wrexham AFC. In a video published by YouTuber Sandip2142 on 4 January 2023, the two provide commentary on a match between Wrexham and Liverpool, poking fun at the opposition by describing them as a tiny "community-owned club" with a "tiny town tight-knit community."

Wrexham AFC first joined the popular sport game series as a playable team in FIFA 22. The club returned in FIFA 23, although this is the first time players could hear commentary from the team's owners. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the FIFA 23 easter egg is Ryan Reynolds's quick wit and sarcastic sense of humor, which certainly adds some unique flavor. It's worth noting that McElhenney took to Twitter to reassure fans that their jab at Liverpool FC was "just a good natured barb between two obviously massive clubs."

The clip opens with a match commentary by Scottish commentator Derek Rae and ex-pro football player Stewart Robson. "Welcome everyone on a perfect night for football, with the floodlights beaming down [...] the general feeling is [that] we should be in for a spellbinding occasion," says Rae. Then, as the teams Wrexham and Liverpool do their lineup, Robson adds, "The scene is set. Two good teams, a great playing surface, and a vibrant atmosphere, are all ingredients for a really exciting game."

Afterward, Reynolds and McElhenney deliver a message comparing the two clubs jokingly. "Well, this is a special game. This is a big club versus a very small giant club. A giant club, massive versus just a minuscule improvisational version of a football club. Of course, we're talking about Liverpool. Tiny, tiny club in the pool. Tiny club, tiny town. Tight-knit community over there in Liverpool. Really keeping this community-owned club together. Very close to the massive Wrexham AFC. Thank you," the two said.

If you want a good laugh, it's probably best to check out the FIFA 23 easter egg commentary by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for yourself. The two combine their signature wit and humor to the game, making it a must-see moment that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.