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How To Vote For FIFA 23’s TOTY 12th Man

Wondering how to vote for the FIFA 23 TOTY 12th Man? Here's how to cast your vote and when it begins.
How To Vote For FIFA 23’s TOTY 12th Man

The FIFA 23 TOTY event is here, and players are more hyped than ever for this exhilarating competition between nominees and the incredible cards that can be won. During the TOTY event, players are able to vote for the TOTY 12th Man in addition to voting for nominees in each category. The 12th Man is an extra card that is offered as a booster on top of the other TOTY cards.

If you want to vote for the FIFA 23 TOTY 12th Man, you should do so while you still have the chance. Here's how to vote for FIFA 23's TOTY 12th Man.

How To Vote For TOTY 12th Man In FIFA 23

fifa 23 ultimate team voting 12th man toty
It's easy to vote for 12th Man once the voting period begins. (Picture: EA)

Players will vote between three players for the TOTY 12th Man award. Once voting is active for the TOTY 12th Man in FIFA 23, it's easy to cast your vote in-game.

To vote for the FIFA 23 TOTY 12th Man, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the FIFA 23 game on your platform of choice.
  2. Launch 'Ultimate Team.'
  3. Pick any of the three players that appear in the FIFA 23 TOTY 12th Man vote.
  4. Cast your vote!
  5. Receive your reward! You will receive a loan card of the player you voted for as a reward for voting for 12th Man.

That's all you need to do in order to vote for the FIFA 23 TOTY 12th Man and get your free loan card. After you vote, you'll just have to wait and see who will be crowned the winner.

FIFA 23 Team of the Year 12th Man Vote Start Time

fifa 23 12th man vote
FIFA 23's TOTY awards will include a vote for 12th Man. (Picture: EA)

EA has not released an official start date or time for the FIFA 23 12th Man vote, but we can make some predictions based on the event dates and by taking a look at previous events.

FIFA 23's Team Of The Year vote will begin on 10th January and will last until 17th January. The final TOTY will be revealed on 20th January.

The 12th Man vote occurs right after the TOTY vote. Last year, the 12th Man voting began on 24th January. It would make sense for the 12th Man voting to begin on 24th January again this year and last about three days until 27th January 2023.