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FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Start Date, Features, FUTMAS Event & More

Everything you need to know about the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard's start date, features, the FUTMAS event, and more.
FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Start Date, Features, FUTMAS Event & More

In the past, FUTMAS was the annual Christmas event featured in every FIFA game, but this year, things have changed. A new event called Winter Wildcards has replaced FUTMAS, and many players want to know when the event starts and what to expect.

So we've put together this guide that goes over everything you need to know about the Winter Wildcards event. Including its start date, features, and much more. 

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Start Date

While we don't have an official start date for the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards event, according to a recent leak from FUTZONEFIFA, the event will likely begin on the 23rd of December. Although this should be taken with a grain of salt, it makes sense as the first event to start after the World Cup Season comes to an end. 

Although we can't be too sure of what FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards will feature, we can use last year to get a good idea of what's in store. Fans can expect another team of special cards with heavily boosted stats that will almost certainly become meta players as soon as they are released. as well as other changes, such as festive cards receiving Weak Foot upgrades or altering their dominant striking foot entirely.

There will also likely be many Squad Building Challenges, Special Packs, and free-to-play Objective players. And If the same system is followed as we received in FIFA 22, these new cards will also see players move into completely new positions, opening up new squad-building opportunities. 

FIFA 23 Winter WildCards Start Date Features Similar to last years Wildcards event
FIFA 23's Winter Wildcards event will likely feature the same kinds of rewards and perks as last year's event. (Picture: EA)

There will also be a slew of festive SBCs and objectives to complete for pack rewards, so there will be plenty to do.

FIFA 23 FUTMAS Event Details

With the news of the Winter Wildcards event coming in, many fans are wondering what will become of the FUTMAS event this year. Sadly, based on what we know, it appears that FIFA 23 will not feature a FUTMAS event.

FIFA 23 Winter WildCards Start Date No FUTMAS Event
The Winter Wildcards has replaced the expected FUTMAS event in FIFA 23. (Picture: EA)

Winter Wildcards debuted in FIFA 22, and given that it's set to return in FIFA 23, it appears to be the annual holiday-themed Ultimate Team promotion. So it's likely this will be the expected end-of-year promo for FIFA titles moving forward, but of course, this could change, so only time will tell. 

For now, that's all we know about the upcoming Winter Wildcards event in FIFA 23. Be sure to check back here for more information as be gets revealed by the developers. 

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