'Beat the eLions' tournament gives FIFA players a chance to represent England at the eNations Cup

The FA has announced it is giving fans across the country the chance to represent England and become the official eLions representatives for this year’s FIFA eNations Cup. Find out how you can get involved and watch all the action live from Wembley.
'Beat the eLions' tournament gives FIFA players a chance to represent England at the eNations Cup

The FA is giving FIFA players across the country the chance to become an eLion and represent England at the FIFA eNations Cup 2020.

The 'Beat the eLions' tournament will run on Xbox and PS4, allowing English FIFA fans to the opportunity to represent their country in one of the biggest competitive FIFA events of the year.

The first qualifier is expected to take place on 2-3rd March, with the second running from the 4-5th March.

The top player from each console from the two March qualifiers will be invited to take part in the 'Beat the Lions' Grand Final on 19th March.

They will be joined by Harry "Hashtag Harry" Hesketh and Kylem "Futwiz Lyricz" Edwards, the two top-ranked English Xbox and PS4 players from the FIFA 20 Global Series, and last year's eLions - Donovan "Fnatic Tekkz" Hunt and Tom "Hashtag Tom" Leese.



The tournament will take place at Wembley Stadium and will see the six players battle it out for a place in the final, where they will go up against the current eLions, defeat them and they will take their place at the eNations Cup.

It won't be easy though, Tekkz and Tom reached the quarterfinals of last year's eNations Cup and teamed up this year for the eClub World Cup where they reached the semifinal where they were knocked out by Gareth Bale's new esport organisation - Ellevens Esports.

The FIFA eNations Cup will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 22-24th May.

How can I become an eLion?

Tekkz Tom Beat the eLions Wembley


If you love FIFA, are based in England and think you have what it takes to beat the best you can register your interest for the 'Beat the Lions' online qualifiers on the FA's website.

Online qualifiers for both Xbox and PlayStation 4 will be held on 2-3rd and 4-5th March.

How can I watch the 'Beat the eLions' tournament?


The 'Beat the eLions' tournament will be streamed live on the Official England YouTube channel on 19 March.