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EA strike at FIFA star Kurt's Twitch channel

EA placed a copyright strike on FIFA star Kurt's Twitch channel, suspending it for 24 hours in what's the latest escalation between the developers of FIFA 20 and the controversial content creator.
EA strike at FIFA star Kurt's Twitch channel

EA and Kurt's ongoing feud took another twist when the FIFA 20 developers issued a copyright strike on the controversial FIFA star's Twitch channel, suspending his account for 24 hours.

This is just the latest escalation which has seen Kurt banned from competitive FIFA events, copyright strikes on his YouTube channel and a complete ban from all EA games and online services.

EA's latest move seems to indicate they have little time for Kurt's antics and feel that, with their ban from all the company's games, he is not authorized to stream or make content around the game.



Just days after his original account was banned for what EA deemed were "personal attacks", the controversial FIFA pro returned to streaming the game from a new account on 2nd March, after indicating in a video posted to his YouTube channel that he was "moving on."

EA subsequently banned that account and when he returned again on 3rd March - with a streamed titled "BANNED TO GLORY" - EA placed a copyright strike on his channel. The live stream is now deleted and he was handed a 24 hour suspension.

In a follow-up tweet, Kurt expressed how he feels someone at EA has a personal vendetta against him, writing: "It's same EA employee that has filed a complaint [sic]."

Where EA and Kurt go from here is anyone's guess but there's growing anger and confusion within the community over EA's actions.

Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt, one of the game's biggest stars, seemed puzzled by EA's latest move.


Tekkz had previously made his thoughts clear on the game in a post-match interview during FUT Champions Cup Stage IV, claiming "no one enjoyed playing" the title. 

More support came from popular FIFA news Twitter account @FUT20News, who was particularly incredulous about the multiple bans. 



EA could be creating an even bigger problems for themselves than Kurt ever presented. Their actions are creating a martyr in Kurt and the term "the Streisand effect" comes to mind, when in an attempt to stop censor information, it instead has the unintended consequence of publicizing that information.

In Kurt's case, the attempt to ban him from the game has only increased his following. He has gained 15,285 followers on Twitter in the last month bringing his total to 92,500.

This coupled with a growing disquiet over the state of the game and accusations the FIFA Ultimate Team is nothing more than a "gambling operation" and the eventual backlash from fans may be more than just one man from Malta.