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FIFA 20 Title Update 19: Special Quality Filter finally added to game

The feature is currently available on PC with consoles likely to get it later this week.
The update's for FIFA are not coming as thick and fast as they did after release, with the only notable edition in recent months being the introduction of the Soccer Aid XI in Kick Off and Career modes.

Those expecting a huge content drop with the latest Title Update 19 were also going to be left disappointed, with development of FIFA 21 very much the priority, but what is in this patch will be warmly welcomed from the player base as they have been requesting it for years.

Appropropriatly named the "Special Quality Filter" this feature allows FUT Club Owners to search for exact player's based on their item rarity. This feature will also be available in the transfer market and in clubs as well. There is a small catch though, the feature is not yet activated, except on the PC version, with EA stating that it will be turned on through a server release "at a later date and time".

The feature will be available on all versions of the game and PC players can currently access it, with console players likely to  get it in the next couple of days.

Player's will not have to download a further update as it will be turned on from the EA server side.



How to use the Special Quality Filter

If you are still unsure how this works, essentially players will be able to sort FUT cards by rarity, so you could search from Bronze Common to FUT Shapeshifters or Summer Heat cards.


Special Quality Filter FIFA 20 Title Update 19
The Special Quality Filter will allow players to search for cards based on their rarity. (Picture: EA Sports)


Player's can access the  Special Quality Filter by hovering over the Quality tile when performing a search, followed by pressing your controller’s confirmation button. This should make creating your team easier, as you can now quickly navigate and search for players that can plug holes in your squad whatever level you may be.  


FIFA 20 title update 19 patch notes

Ultimate Team

Made the following change:

  • Added the Special Quality Filter, a new feature that will be activated through a server release at a later date and time, and this activation will be announced on the @EAFIFADIRECT Twitter account.
  • The Special Quality Filter enables players to search for the exact Player Item rarity.
  • The Special Quality Filter is available in the Transfer Market, and in the Club tab of the Squad screen.
  • The Special Quality Filter can be accessed by hovering over the Quality tile when performing a search, followed by pressing your controller’s confirmation button.
    • Known Issue: The Special Quality Filter incorrectly displays an option to search for Silver FUT Champions Items, an Item rarity that is not present in-game.

Addressed the following issue:

When selecting one of the first 7 Player Items in the search results, the Compare Price function on the Transfer Market was only displaying 1 page of Player Items.