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FIFA 22 Squad Battles: Ranks, rewards, release times & tips

With the imminent arrival of a new rendition of the football simulation game, we deep dive into one of the most addictive game modes: FUT Squad Battles.
It is almost that time of year when we do it all again and dive into yet another iteration of the unimaginably popular FIFA series.

And the hype train has well and truly begun for FIFA 22, with the first official trailer and smattering of information being released promising "HyperMotion" tech, improved game modes, better and more adaptive tactic systems, and so on and so on.

What we actually get on launch day, we will need to see but with this being the first truly next-generation offering, we are going to cut EA Sports and the developers just a little bit of slack and say we are going into this one with a tinge of hope.

Of course, when it gets down to it FIFA 22 will primarily be focused on -- for better or for worse -- Ultimate Team mode and while there will be some key changes, much will stay the same to a mode that admittedly many have grown to love.

One aspect of Ultimate Team is Squad Battles, an offline mode that allows players to go up against custom squads, earn points and rewards. It has become popular within the player base and it is set to continue in FUT 22.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about this game mode, keep reading.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team - Squad Battles

Squad Battles Main Screen
(Picture: EA Sports)

Squad Battles was first introduced back in 2016 and it rapidly became a fan favourite.

Essentially, it is an offline point-based reward system where you accumulate them by beating community created teams but controlled by AI.

You will earn more points by adjusting the AI difficulty so the more you play the better you will rank.

Depending on your rank at the end of each week, every player will receive a reward that could range from coins, loan players or even gold and premium packs.

When do Squad Battles rewards come out in FIFA 22?

Squad Battles rewards are expected to release, as they have in previous years, every Monday at 12:05 am BST.

The higher up the rankings you climb, the better the rewards.

FUT 22 Squad Battles: rank & rewards

Ranked Rewards Screen
(Picture: EA Sports)

As we mentioned before after each win you earn a certain amount of points. The more points you accumulate the better rank you’ll get.

Each rank a specific reward attached to it and it goes as follows from top to bottom:

Rank 1

  • 100,000 FUT Coins
  • 2 Rare Mega Pack
  • 2 Ultimate Pack

Rank 2-20

  • 87,500 FUT Coins
  • 2 Rare Players Pack
  • 1 Ultimate Pack

Rank 21-40

  • 75,000 FUT Coins
  • 2 Rare Players Pack
  • 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Rank 41-100

  • 65,000 FUT Coins
  • 2 Mega Pack
  • 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Rank 101-200

  • 65,000 FUT Coins
  • 2 Mega Pack
  • 1 Rare Players Pack

Elite 1

  • 30,000 FUT Coins
  • 2 Rare Mega Pack

Elite 2

  • 15,000 FUT Coins
  • 1 Premium Gold Players Pack
  • 2 Mega Pack

Elite 3

  • 12,000 FUT Coins
  • 2 Premium Gold Players Pack
  • 1 Mega Pack

Gold 1

  • 11,000 FUT Coins
  • 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 1 Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • 1 Premium Gold Players Pack

Gold 2

  • 11,000 FUT Coins
  • 1 Premium Gold Players Pack
  • 1 Prime Mixed Players Pack

Gold 3

  • 10,000 FUT Coins
  • 1 Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Silver 1

  • 7,000 FUT Coins
  • 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Silver 2

  • 4,000 FUT Coins
  • 1 Gold Pack
  • 2 Premium Gold Pack

Silver 3

  • 1,500 FUT Coins
  • 1 Gold Pack
  • 1 Premium Gold Pack

Bronze 1

  • 800 FUT Coins
  • 2 Gold Pack

Bronze 2

  • Gold Pack

Bronze 3

  • Premium Loan Player Award

Squad Battles tips and tricks

If you have not played FUT or even played online in the past, this is probably the best way to transition to this world.

You will get a hang of how this football universe works very quickly, understand chemistry, position, squad building, etc.

FUT Squad Battles Opponent Page
You will be able to analyze your opponent by looking at his formation or identifying how wide the squad plays. (Picture: EA Sports)

Take advantage of the information given as you will be able to see every squad formation, offensive and defensive strategies, giving you an edge while preparing for the next match.

Be on the lookout because we will bring you the latest on FIFA22 from every release, news, FUT tips, and more.