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Progress Carryover & Points Transfer Guide - FIFA 23

Will your FIFA 22 items and progress transfer to FIFA 23? Learn more about progress carryover and points transfer in this guide.
Progress Carryover & Points Transfer Guide - FIFA 23

The final installment of Electronic Arts' FIFA 23 sports game was released on 30th September 2022 and marked the end of an era for the famed game franchise. The release includes several newly improved features like Career Mode and Chemistry System.

More important is if veteran players can transfer their FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) progress from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23. This guide will explain everything about progress carryover, including how the points transfer will work in FIFA 23 and a list of all transferable and non-transferable items.

How To Transfer Points From FIFA 22 To FIFA 23

fifa 23 progress carryover point transfer guide items
There are a few items that can be transferred to FIFA 23. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

You'll be happy to know that it is possible to transfer some of your FUT data and items from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23. However, you will not maintain most of your progress from FIFA 22. 

To initiate the transfer process, load up the game and follow the on-screen instructions. Afterward, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to carry over your data and items. Select "Yes," and continue with the game's installation.

It's important to note that the transfer system is platform-locked, meaning you can’t transfer your FIFA 22 points from Xbox Series X|S to FIFA 23 on Playstation 5. The same is true for the contrary.

While it is known that FIFA 23 has enabled cross-play with different platforms, you will not be able to transfer data from other transfer markets. Additionally, once you have initiated the transfer, it cannot be reversed.

What Items Can You Carryover To FIFA 23?

fifa 23 point transfer progress carryover fifa points cut off time
Sadly, the list of items you can carry over to FIFA 23 is short. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

FIFA Points 

FIFA Points are used to buy FUT packs and enter FUT Drafts. You can keep your FIFA Points from FIFA 22 and transfer the FIFA Points to FUT 23. However, you must complete this transfer before 31st December 2022.

FUT Club Profile 

Regardless if you are a FUT Founder or have established your Club within the year, your Founding Date and Club Name will remain the same in FIFA 23. However, your Club's stats will not carry over to the new game.

What Items Can't You Carryover To FIFA 23?

fifa 23 progress carryover point transfer guide new objective non transferable
Once a new season starts, there will be new Objectives to earn more FUT XP in FIFA 23. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

FUT Coins

FUT coins gained from playing FUT games modes and in-game rewards will be reset to zero.

FUT Items

The items you used to build your team will not be carried over to FIFA 23; these items include Players, Staff, Consumables, and Stadiums. 

Unopened Packs & Unassigned Items

Unopened Packs & Unassigned Items will not be transferred to FIFA 23. Therefore, it would be best for players migrating to the new game to open them before the season's end.


When you complete new Objectives, you will earn FUT XP. However, FUT XP will reset every season. Therefore this can not be transferable to FIFA 23.

Match Records & History 

Once you begin playing FIFA 23, you will lose all your Wins/Draws/Losses when you stop playing FIFA 22. 

Club Data

While you will retain your FUT Club Profile, you cannot transfer your Club statistics, leaderboard information, FUT Champions Points, Rivals division, Draft, Objectives, and SBC progress to FIFA 23.

Achievements & Trophies 

Since FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 are independent titles, they will have different achievements and trophies. In this regard, you cannot transfer your FIFA 22 Achievement progress to FIFA 23.

Note: The Carryover will begin once FIFA 23 becomes available for EA Play subscribers or Ultimate Edition players.  

That concludes our guide on FIFA 23 progress carryover and points transfer.

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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.