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How To Make Money In FIFA 23 - Career Mode

Career mode is a new feature that allows you to control the team's finances. This guide will assist you in how to make money in FIFA 23.
How To Make Money In FIFA 23 - Career Mode

FIFA 23 is one of the most popular football games, having garnered an enormous global fanbase. As you embark on your career, you will be given a fixed budget, which you will need to use efficiently to strategize and create your team.

As a result, learning how to make money quickly in FIFA 23 can prove beneficial, allowing you to recruit the best players to your roster. Therefore, we've done our best to compile this guide, detailing the best method to make money fast in FIFA 23 Career Mode.

How To Make Money In FIFA 23 Career Mode

fifa 23 make money fast career mode
Earning money is important to keep your team afloat in FIFA 23. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

As mentioned earlier, making money is important when building your team in FIFA 23; this is because you'll need to hire staff, buy players, and look after your team financially. However, before we explain the fastest money-making method to us, you first need to understand the different modes.

You can choose two modes when starting a new career in FIFA 23: Manager Career and Player Career. Depending on the profession you select, there will be different aspects on which you must focus.

For example, in the Manager Career mode, you will take responsibility for all the managerial and tactical aspects of the team, as well as help the club achieve business objectives.

Contrary, in Player Career mode, you will need to build yourself up as a young prodigy, and eventually, you can choose to retire and become a manager yourself.

How To Make Money Faster In Career Mode Of FIFA 23

fifa 23 career mode win games friendly tournaments make money
Win various Friendly Tournaments in FIFA 23. (Picture: Electronic Arts via YouTube Lyoddrfc)

The first thing you can do to make money faster in FIFA 23 is to enable the Financial Takeover feature. Doing this allows you to receive an influx of Cash at the start of your career; these amounts can range from $10 million, $50 million, $100 million, $200 million, and $1 billion. 

Once the game begins, you can participate in Pre-Season Friendly Tournaments. There will be various matches you can choose from, each of which will state its difficulty and how much you can earn from winning a game.

You can also establish a Youth Academy. While investing in a Youth Academy will be costly in FIFA 23, you will see long-term investment profits. Once the young talent your scouts have found has matured, you can move them to the transfer market.

A Youth Academy is one of the best long-term investments for your team in FIFA 23. (Picture: Electronic Arts)

Finally, you can use Expiring Contracts in FIFA 23. Use your scouts to find players within the parameter you seek. You can find quality players with an expiring contract, and sometimes there won't be transfer fees to buy the player. This method will assist you long-term as quality players earn more money when they win matches.  

And that concludes our guide on FIFA 23 on how to make money in Career Mode. 

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Featured images courtesy of Electronic Arts.