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How The New Chemistry System Works In FIFA 23

Here's everything you need to know about the all-new Chemistry System in FIFA 23 to make the most of your team.
How The New Chemistry System Works In FIFA 23

With the release of FIFA 23, fans of the iconic football video game franchise are excited to see what new features and gameplay options will be coming to the game. One feature, in particular, the new Chemistry System, has some fans excited and others scratching their heads

So if you find yourself wondering how this new system works and want to be prepared to explore it in full once the game releases, then keep reading. This article will detail in full how the new Chemistry system will work in FIFA 23 and give you the details you need to know to put together the ultimate squad. 

How New Chemistry System Works In FIFA 23

The new Chemistry System in FIFA 23 was seen first in the recently released FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) 23 Web App. Once the fans got their hands on it, some said that the new System made things more difficult to understand than the previous Chemistry System, and were confused by it, so below we hope to clear some of that up.

How New Chemistry System Works In FIFA 23 new factors such as player position
New factors such as Player Position will affect their Chemistry Points in FIFA 23. (Picture: EA)

The way the new system works is that your players' chemistry is based on 'Chemistry Points,' with players earning up to three points and being graded on a scale of 0-3.

Preferred Position, Chemistry Threshold, and Manager Bonus are the three primary factors that determine each player's chemistry score, and here's how they all factor into your player's chemistry:

Preferred Position

  • When a player is playing in their Preferred Position, they can gain Chemistry and thus raise their score above zero. 

  • A player can only contribute to the squad's Chemistry Thresholds when they are in their Preferred Position.

Chemistry Thresholds

  • A player in their Preferred Position increases their Club, Country/Region, and League Chemistry Thresholds by one.

  • When you reach Chemistry Thresholds, the associated players receive Chemistry Points.

  • Depending on how many players in your starting 11 are from the same Club, Country/Region, or League, you can earn up to three Chemistry Points.

Manager Bonus

  • Your manager contributes one Chemistry increment to all players in the starting 11 who share the manager's Country/Region or League.

As you can see, the Overall Squad Chemistry has been removed, allowing you to focus on developing the best Chemistry for each player. This means your team now has a maximum Chemistry rating of 33, which is the sum of all individual scores.

How New Chemistry System Works In FIFA 23 focus on individual players and an overall score
This new system focuses on individual player Chemistry and how it impacts your overall score instead of the previous "lines" system. (Picture: EA)

Positional links have also been completely removed, which means that players can now link and influence the Chemistry of the players in your starting 11 regardless of their position on the field. And that's everything you need to know about the new Chemistry system you'll be using in FIFA 23. 

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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.