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FIFA demanding $1b for naming rights to football series, according to reports

A recent report suggests there is growing tension between EA Sports and the FIFA world football organization. The rumour leaked that FIFA is asking EA Sports to pay up to $1 billion for naming rights to long-running football series.
There has been much speculation in recent days about a growing tension between EA Sports and the FIFA world football organization. That news was spurred by first EA Sports saying that a change in name for the franchise was under consideration followed by reports that trademark filings were made in the UK for a game called "EA Sports FC".

Many curious fans immediately thought this suggested a potential name change for the long-running franchise, something of a re-branding. We now know those inclinations indeed hold water after further reports confirmed EA and FIFA have been in negotiations for at least two years about the future of the video game series.

Here's all the latest on the FIFA world football organization vs. EA Sports.

FIFA 22 renaming EA Sports FC
FIFA vs. EA Sports will be an interesting negotiation over the naming rights of the famous football franchise. (Picture: EA Sports)

FIFA wants $1 billion from EA Sports

On 7th October, EA Sports General Manager Cam Weber released a statement suggesting that EA was considering its future title naming options. Some of that discussion even included a split with the FIFA world football organization entirely.

Now a NY Times report states FIFA wants up to $1 billion from EA Sports to continue using the name, a number which would more than double the payment EA Sports currently makes to the federation. FIFA's deal with EA Sports works in four year cycles and renewal would, if not in dispute, happen after the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

No doubt these negotiations, and FIFA's asking price, has been the impetus behind both EA's earlier this month statement and the trademark filling. 

The trademark filling, and public nature of it, is clearly a move by EA to both soften up the playerbase to a new name, as well as try and gain the upperhand on FIFA in any negotiations.

Who will blink first? That is seemingly the one billion dollar question, at least for these two entities that, like those that chased the idea of the European Super League, seemingly look at football as money first, football second.

We'll be sure to keep you in the loop with what looks to be a long-fought war between EA Sports and the FIFA world football organization. Our official FIFA 22 page will also have up-to-date news for Ultimate Team, Career mode, Pro Clubs, and much more.