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Kurt not allowed to "move forward" after getting banned again from FIFA

Kurt Fenech the controversial FIFA pro has been banned from FIFA again after creating a new account and streaming it for his fans.
Kurt not allowed to "move forward" after getting banned again from FIFA

Kurt Fenech has found his FIFA 20 account banned just a day after releasing a video titled "Moving Forward" which suggested he had been given the green light from EA Sports to make a new account.

The move appears to have taken Kurt by surprise. In a 10-minute video posted to his YouTube, Kurt ended the clip by suggesting he'd been in contact with EA Sports who said he'd have to make a new account.

After suggesting making a new account in March with "gold players" is crazy, he convinces himself that if any player can do it he can, before signing off with "see you then".

Kurt would go onto stream the game on his Twitch channel, where 15,000 viewers tuned in to watch the return of FIFA's most controversial player.



Whether EA ever allowed him to return to the game, or more likely he was given a standard account banning message which didn't take into account the exceptional circumstances Kurt had found himself in, is not entirely clear.

Kurt struck a conciliatory tone in the "Moving Forward" video. In it, he thanked fans for their support since his complete lifetime ban from EA games and online services, saying he was fine and was in a period of "self-reflection".



He went on to discuss his potential return to FIFA but before that, he had to go over the past and work out "where I went wrong, how I went wrong, and what I can improve".

Kurt then brought up a number of figures such as James "Bateson87" Bateson and a FIFA community manager who he refused to name, which Kurt had been accused of launching personal attacks against. A label that Kurt rejected.

However, he did concede he had some blame for what happened.

"I think I was in the wrong boys." said Kurt. "I think I messed up big time with this looking back... because I also said f**k and this EA employees name... It started as a joke but as the year progressed, and the game got worse and worse... I started unleashing more on them and holding them responsible.

"Are they responsible? Yeah. But I don't know what's happening over there. So, for example, me saying 'screw that specific EA employee'. But how do I know that this guy is not actually trying, and it's his boss that is being the dick?" Before admitting, "he doesn't know".

If that sounds like genuinely remorseful Kurt, he showed he was still more than capable of sticking the boot in.

"How's FIFA been without me?" he asked with a knowing smile.

He later showed a number of tweets related to the disastrous weekend of qualifiers held for FUT Champions Cup Stage IV.

Where Kurt goes from now is anyone's guess. Some were amazed that EA were so quick to ban Kurt again when it seemingly takes them so long to patch the bugs in their game.



While others were questioning EA's decision to ban Kurt and not a player suspected of cheating in last weekend's qualifiers.



And some suggested ways that Kurt could play the game undetected.



Whatever happens, you can be sure we haven't heard the last from Kurt, he signed off today's Tweet with "see ya tonight".