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Nigerian FIFA pro plays for 58 hours to shatter Guinness World Record

Daniel “Dox” Osemeudiame's attempt to break the FIFA Guinness World Record went extremely well.
A Nigerian FIFA pro, Daniel “Dox” Osemeudiame, from South African MGO Sinister5, has shattered the Guinness World Record for the “longest videogame marathon on a football (soccer) game”.

Mr Osemeudiame played FIFA for 58 hours straight, and now we wait for Guinness to confirm the new world record.


The FIFA Guinness World Record attempt

Starting on 14th May, Daniel "Dox" Osemeudiame took on the massive task of breaking Christopher Cook's record. Mr Cook played FIFA 15 for 48 hours, 49 minutes and 41 seconds back in 2014.



Daniel "Dox" Osemeudiame continued to play FIFA for another 10 hours after he broke the Guinness World Record because he wants to stay on top for as long as possible.

Information about the attempt has been sent to Guinness, and at the time of writing, Dox and his fans are awaiting feedback. 

The reference number for his attempt is: 190717080225ivmo

The effects of his attempt can be seen in Nigerian esports, pushing esports to a whole new level in the African country.



Dox is probably getting some well-deserved rest right now. We await Guinness’ decision on the world record attempt. It is important to note Dox followed all the rules, including taking some allowed breaks. In a world record attempt such as this one, the player is allowed 10 minutes of rest for every hour played.

Watch the FIFA Guinness World Record attempt on Dox's Twitch.tv channel.