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Premature end of FIFA 20 Global Series met with derision from playerbase

The FIFA 20 Global Series has been cancelled and players responded by roasting EA.
Premature end of FIFA 20 Global Series met with derision from playerbase

The FIFA 20 Global Series, like so many esport events, was postponed over the weekend amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and while most cancellations have been met with dismay, most games aren't FIFA 20 - the much-maligned football game from EA Sports Vancouver.

Having experienced a number of issues since its launch including poor server performance, loot boxes, a pay2win competitive mode and more bugs than you can shake an unresponsive defender, fans of the game took the opportunity to stick the boot in with many referencing the game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" that two players had to undertake to determine the result of their FUT Champions Cup V qualifier after server problems stopped them from completing the match.



@JamelChhedi was even able to bring both the Coronavirus concerns and the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" debacle together.



@isaacwong403 felt they hadn't gone far enough and in fact, the entire game needed to be suspended. 



Perhaps the harshest criticism, or at the least the one you suspect will hurt EA the most, was left by Alexander "Alekzandur" Betancourt professional FIFA 20 player for Sporting Kansas City who brought the "he who shall not be named" of the FIFA world - Kurt Fenech - to the discussion.



Kurt, a former pro and outspoken critic of the FIFA franchise, was recently handed a lifetime ban from all EA games and online services after a series of inflammatory comments were made by him on Twitch and YouTube videos which EA deemed to be "personal attacks" on EA employees.

As it stands it's unclear if the FIFA 20 Global Series will ever return. Players who qualified for FUT Champions Cup Stage V. which was set to take place 3-5 April have been given automatic qualification for FUT Champions Cup Stage VI, scheduled for 15-17 May. However, with governments further restricting travel and no end in sight for the pandemic, the idea that May's event will go ahead is fanciful.