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Shocking evidence emerges that proves Jeremy Lynch was right, The F2 were cheated out of Wembley Cup 2018 match

The incident saw F2's match versus XO cut-short and evidence seen by tournament organizer, Spencer Owen, appears to prove Jeremy's assertion that they were cheated out of the match.
Shocking evidence emerges that proves Jeremy Lynch was right, The F2 were cheated out of Wembley Cup 2018 match

Jeremy Lynch, one-half of the F2Freestylers YouTube channel, has been attracting a lot of criticism lately. 

His arrogance and abrasive personality, something which fellow YouTuber's Stephen Tries, Spencer Owen, and JaackMaate among others have attested to, his cut-throat business dealings and the general way he conducts himself, especially off-camera, has led many YouTuber's to publically call him out with Spencer Owen branding him the "least likable person" on YouTube.

A lot of the recent criticism stems from the much-talked-about Wembley Cup 2018 with new footage emerging showing Stephen Tries in an argument with ManLikeHaks in the hours after the match.

This has prompted videos from Stephen Tries and Spencer Owen going back over their experience of the event igniting debate between fans of the various personalities involved, with Spencer's videos prompting someone intimately involved in the event to come forward and provide startling new information.

To give you a short version of what happened that day, and I di mean short version as this could be an 8-part Netflix documentary so much has been said about this now.

Essentially Jeremy, alongside his team, The F2, were facing off against XO in the group stages of the 2018 edition of the EE Wembley Cup, a tournament organized by Spencer Owen of Hashtag United and which featured celebrities, YouTuber's and professional footballers.

XO were very much the underdogs in the game with the likes of comedian Stephen Tries and Brian Davis aka The True Geordie turning out for them.

F2 Wembley Cup 2018, Jeremy Lynch F2, Wembley Cup referee, Spencer owen Jeremy Lynch, Hasthag united F2, wembley cup beef
(Picture: EE Wembley Cup)

On the other hand, The F2 had in their founders Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, former semi-professional footballers, as well as a number of accomplished footballers.

It was a mismatch and for all intents and purposes, F2 should have coasted to a win but, in fact, found themselves down one-nil with just two minutes to go.

And then something happened that has had ramifications that are felt to this day. The whistle blew for full-time, a full two minutes before it should have, and The F2 wasn't happy.

Accusations on the day were that the entire event was a stitch-up to make The F2 look bad. That Hashtag United and Spencer had contrived to cheat them out a win, and that to remedy the situation the match, or at least the second half should be replayed.

Hours past on that day and the decision was eventually made to award XO the win, a video to appease The F2 was put out where the organizers said The F2 had "graciously" accepted defeat, but off-camera things were not good, with The F2 and Jeremy Lynch convinced that there had been foul play involved, an accusation that Spencer strenuously denied, at the time, and to this day.

Now with new light being shed on the events of that someone has come forward to confess that, in fact, Jeremy Lynch was correct and The F2 had been cheated out the result.

The startling new evidence was presented on Spencer's podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother Seb Carmichael-Brow, and comes directly from a member of the refereeing team that was officiating matches on the day.

In an email sent to Seb, the match official claims that the referee on the day had said that he wanted The F2 to lose and that he was going to do what it takes to make sure that happened.

The revelation left Spencer and Seb in shock, as they had, for two years, assumed that the referee had made a mistake on the day, and the realisation that the referee worked to make The F2 lose, even though it somewhat vindicated them, left them "very disappointed."

The match official goes on to claim that at half-time in the F2 XO game, the officials were talking and the on-pitch referee said that he was, "so annoyed by the F2 players that he wanted them to lose," and that to accomplish this he "intended to cut the game short."

Spencer Jeremy Lynch Wembley cup cheating referee(Picture: Spencer FC)

Of course, that is exactly what the referee did, blowing the full-time whistle at 13 minutes, and at that point the match official claims he was told to clear his stopwatch so that there would be no proof.

F2 wembly cup 2018 match fix
(Picture: Spencer FC)

"Everything that Jeremy has said happened, kind of did, but not by us," conceded Spencer.

"I don't condone it in any way, this is unacceptable what this referee has done."

Spencer goes on to say that he feels as much a victim of this as The F2 now rightly deserves to feel. Adding, "but I do apologise because it was on my watch."

F2 would actually go on to win the tournament, beating Rebel FC 1-0 in the final in front of 30,000 people at Wembley. 

WEmbley Cup 2018 Stephen Tries beef
Jeremy Lynch (left) and Billy Wingrove (right) have built an empire through The F2. (Picture: EE Wembley Cup)

It's an outcome that Seb is "glad" came about."If they hadn't [won], this would have undermined the entire thing."

The brothers now want to draw a line under the event, but not before doing one more thing, shopping the referee into the FA.

"This is unacceptable what this referee has done," explains Spencer, "this is my message to anyone listening from the FA, we have proof of someone who is probably still refereeing games. There should be an investigation."