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The First Descendant Bunny: Overview, Role, Skills, More

Here's everything you need to know about Bunny in The First Descendant, including her story, role, abilities, and more.
The First Descendant Bunny: Overview, Role, Skills, More
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Bunny is one of the playable characters in the free-to-play looter The First Descendant. She's extremely agile and possesses electric abilities that can chain to nearby enemies.

If you're planning to play the upcoming First Descendant open beta, here's our guide, which explains everything about Bunny, including her origin story, role, skills, and more. 

Bunny's Origin Story in The First Descendant 

Raised by her grandmother, Bunny grew up to be a prankster and thief, which also yielded her Arc abilities. Her notorious nature did get her in trouble once, making her temporarily paralyzed. However, she bounced back stronger from the incident and eventually ended up becoming a Descendant. 

Bunny's Skills in The First Descendant


Bunny is a Nuker in The First Descendant. To unleash deadly electrical attacks, she has to gather energy by sprinting and moving around on the battlefield. 

Her active skills include: 

  • Joyride: Increases Sprint Speed and the amount of Electricity obtained.
  • Pulsar: Moving around deals damage to nearby enemies and inflicts them with Electrocute effect.
  • Circuit Breaker: Shoots out electricity forward to inflict damage. Damage increases in proportion to skill duration. 

Bunny also has access to two passive skills that further enhances her arc damage. These are: 

  • Dynamo: Charges electricity by moving around. Landing on the ground after double jump inflicts damage to nearby enemies.
  • Electro Orb: Summons an Electro Orb to attack nearby enemies and inflict them with Electrocute effect. 

Will Bunny be Available in The First Descendant Open Beta?

As mentioned above, yes, Bunny will be available in the First Descendant open beta. In fact, she's one of the only few playable characters confirmed for the beta so far. 

That's everything you need to know about Bunny in The First Descendant. We will continue to update this article as more info is revealed.