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The First Descendant Open Beta: All Mission Types Explained

Here's everything you need to know about the different mission types in The First Descendant open beta.
The First Descendant Open Beta: All Mission Types Explained
Nexon Games

The First Descendant open beta kicks off soon, and Nexon Games has shed light on some of the mission types you could try within the beta. Since First Descendant is a "grindy" looter-shooter, most of these mission types are combat-focused with high replayability, where you can farm specific resources. 

In the latest dev note, The First Descendant director Minseok Joo also revealed how the studio has revamped the mission structures from last year's Steam beta. With that said, here are all the new and revamped mission types coming to The First Descendant open beta. 

All Mission Types In The First Descendant Open Beta

the first descendant open beta
The First Descendant open beta features five primary mission types. (Picture: Nexon Games)

Five new and revamped mission types have been confirmed for The First Descendant open beta. These are Extermination, Search, Seizure, Transport Disruption, and Collection. 


The main objective in Extermination is to eliminate all enemies in the area. You will mostly be invading Vulgus camps and slaying everyone in them. Once you have cleared a camp, a powerful elite enemy will appear, aka the boss. Finish it off to complete the mission. 


As the name suggests, Search is all about searching for a mysterious object called Iron Heart, which holds the power to destroy Vulgus. The catch here is that the Detector used to locate Iron Heart consumes your character's shield, which makes you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Hence, it's best to bring a support or defense Descendant like Ajax for these missions.


Seizure is also straightforward. In this, you infiltrate a Vulgus Repository to collect their resources. Infiltrating will alert the enemies, and they will swarm you from all directions to protect the Repository. Your objective is to keep them away from the Repository while seizing all the valuable resources you can find. 

Transport Disruption

Transport Disruption is vaguely similar to Seizure. You capture enemy-controlled areas, collect resource shards, and slay all Vulgus before they transport these shards to their bases. If you bring a stealth-focused Descendant like Sharen, you can capture the areas without shedding blood. 


Collection is basically Seizure, but instead of infiltrating Vulgus encampments, you have to defend your area from Vulgus. The objective is to retrieve Data Fragments (consisting of sensitive information about Albion) before they reach Vulgus' hands. 

It's also important to note that the Collection takes place in an arena full of platforms, so make good use of that grappling hook to quickly retrieve all the Data Fragments. 

These are the primary mission types in The First Descendant open beta. In addition to these, there are also standard multiplayer-esque missions like Supply, Capture, Defense, and Destruction. Dungeons are also part of the First Descendant beta and each has a formidable boss encounter.