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The First Descendant PS5 Graphics Modes & DualSense Features Explained

Here's everything you need to know about The First Descendant's PS5 Graphics Modes and DualSense Functionalities.
The First Descendant PS5 Graphics Modes & DualSense Features Explained
Nexon Games

Nexon Games has revealed some PS5 exclusive features for its upcoming free-to-play looter shooter, The First Descendant, ahead of its open beta in September. 

The new batch of info follows a minute-long gameplay trailer for The First Descendant that showcases new environments, boss encounters, grappling hook traversal, and performance on PS5. Below you can find all the details confirmed for The First Descendant on PS5, including the DualSense functionalities, different graphics modes, and more.

The First Descendant Graphics Modes Explained


The First Descendant features Fidelity mode and Performance mode on PS5. As of this writing, there's no word on whether this will remain the same for the game's Xbox Series X/S versions. 

In Fidelity mode, The First Descendant will support HDR and 4K resolution. Performance mode, on the other hand, will target 60 FPS and have VRR support. While it's not explicitly mentioned in the blog, we assume the Fidelity mode will target 30 FPS and the Performance mode will feature dynamic resolution scaling. 

The First Descendant Dualsense Controller Features Explained

The First Descendant supports all Dualsense functionalities, including Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback. All 11 weapon classes should feel unique to use, as the devs have implemented different pressure and intensity values for every one of them. It means a handgun should feel lighter on the triggers compared to something like a sniper rifle that would require more pressure to use. We just hope that the Adaptives are not too intense for the heavy weapons, and using them repeatedly won't make our fingers sore like it did in Resident Evil Village. 

Traversal is an integral part of the gameplay in The First Descendant, and it should feel more engaging with DualSense's Haptic Feedback. According to Nexon, the Haptics will make traversal a "more vivid experience based on your speed and direction." Additionally, players will be able to feel the movements and directions of bosses, which could be helpful in raids and other nail-biting encounters.

 In addition to Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback, The First Descendant will also support 3D audio on PS5. Players should be able to feel and distinguish bullets and missiles flying from all directions. 

All the aforementioned DualSense features and 3D audio will also be present in The First Descendant's open beta, so players won't have to wait much long to experience all the bells and whistles this looter-shooter has to offer.