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The First Descendant Sharen Build: Overview, Role, Abilities, More

Here's everything you need to know about Sharen in The First Descendant, including best build, role, skills, and more.
The First Descendant Sharen Build: Overview, Role, Abilities, More
Nexon Games

The First Descendant is a free-to-play looter-shooter like Warframe. Similar to Warframe, it features multiple playable characters, each with unique personalities, abilities, and gameplay styles. 

Sharen is an assassin with a mechanical body who can sneak into enemy encampments using camouflage. Like Bunny, she can also electrocute enemies and chain shock damage. This guide covers everything you need to know about Sharen in The First Descendant. 

Sharen's Backstory in The First Descendant 


Sharen grew up working alongside Ajax and Aisha, who are also Descendants. She got her arc ability when she was a kid and worked as an executive member of the assassination unit. 
However, like Freyna, she got caught up in the Black Mana and had to cut off most of her body parts to survive the incident. Sharen now possesses a mechanical body and has become an even deadlier assassin. 

Sharen's Skills in The First Descendant 

As mentioned above, Sharen is an assassin who strikes from the shadows and inflicts shock damage on enemies. While Sharen is primarily a close-ranged character, she can also throw exploding knives at enemies from a distance.

Her active skills include: 

  • Active Camouflage: Hides from enemies. When attacking or using skills, Active Camouflage state ends immediately, regardless of time remaining. When Active Camouflage state ends, Sharen enters Ambush mode, increasing damage of the next attack.
  • Shock Nuts: Launches built-in explosives forward from the arm to stun enemies.
  • Lights Out: Targets enemies within aiming range, and throws multiple knives to attack them. Knives explode to inflict enemies with damage and Electrocute effect.

Her passive skills include: 

  • Assassinator: Damage increases when attacking enemy that is not attacking Sharen.
    Killing enemies with a skill in Ambush state resets cooldown for Active Camouflage.
  • Cutoff Beam: Attacks enemy with electric blade to deal damage and inflict them with Electrocute effect.

Will Sharen be Playable in The First Descendant Open Beta?

As of this writing, Nexon Games hasn't confirmed if Sharen will be playable in the upcoming First Descendant open beta. However, the studio has mentioned there will be 13 playable characters in the beta, so she's likely one of them. 

Sharen Best Build in The First Descendant Open Beta

We will update this section of the guide once we have played the open beta. In the meantime, why not check some raw Sharen gameplay from last year's beta by Rendermax?

That's everything you need to know about Sharen in The First Descendant.