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All Fortnite Chapter 3 vault locations and how to access

Vaults are back in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Here are all the locations on the island and how you can access them.
All Fortnite Chapter 3 vault locations and how to access

Fortnite Chapter 3 has arrived, bringing with it a new set of characters, a new battle pass, new weapons, new gameplay tweaks, and most importantly, a new map. Like every map before it, the new Fortnite map hides a ton of secrets for players to discover.

One such notable addition is the vaults. Vaults make a comeback in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 1, hiding high tier weapons and loot behind every single one of them.

There are also weekly and seasonal challenges associated with these vaults, so finding them should be a priority for those looking to make some quick progress to the battle pass.

Fortnite Chapter 3 vault locations

Since they are all scattered throughout the map, finding them can be a bit tricky, and as such, here's our guide to the location of every single one of them.

Fortnite vaults chapter 3 season 1 locations how to open access
The seven vaults are scattered across the entirety of the new map. (Picture: Epic Games)

Learn about the locations of all vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 below with some general directions.

  • Northwest of Logjam Lumberyard.
  • Next to the river northwest of Camp Cuddle.
  • Southwest of Greasy Grove.
  • Southeast of the lake in Coney Crossroads.
  • Northeast of The Daily Bugle.
  • On an island east of Sanctuary.
  • South of Condo Canyon.

Now that you know the location thanks to the image in this section as well as general directions, you will need to know how to access one.

How to open Fortnite Chapter 3 vaults

Getting into one of these seven vaults in Fortnite chapter 3 is very straightforward though isn't possible in the game's solo mode. To access these vaults, players have to be in duos, trios or squads.

Fortnite vaults chapter 3 season 1 locations how to open access
Some vaults require four players to unlock. (Picture: Epic Games)

Some vault requires two players, whereas other requires four players to stand in front of it to open. Alternatively, players can also hire an NPC to meet the vault door criteria in some situations.

There's always a possibility of enemy team members sneaking by to take advantage, so players should remain cautious while accessing these underground vaults.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.

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