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All mending machine locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite’s mending machines have once again spread out across the Fortnite map, supplementing players with healing items. Here are the Chapter 2 Season 8 locations for the mending machines.
It has been a few days since the launch of Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 8, which brought about a vast amount of changes added to the map. Players are enjoying themselves exploring and interacting with the map, enjoying the new cosmetics and participating in the new quests and events.

The latest batch of mending machines for the current season will be part of the Baba Yaga quest line and has been added to players’ punch card quests. If you are yet to discover a mending machine, we have provided information on these lifesavers as well as where to find them in Fortnite.

What are Fortnite’s mending machines?

All mending machine locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8
These mending machines offer purchasable items like health and shield, so pay them a visit. (Picture: YouTube / Comrad3s)

These machines offer purchasable items that can assist players in danger by replenishing their health or shield bar before rejoining the battle. The mending machines can be found throughout the Fortnite map as the health and shield items on offer can be purchased with Gold Bars.

Players need to ensure that they have collected enough gold bars ahead of time to make use of the mending machines. However, it is important to note that players need to know the difference between vending and mending machines when purchasing items and weapons.

Locations of the mending machines in Fortnite

As mentioned earlier, this season’s mending machines aren’t too hard to find, but players would need to take some initiative in pursuit of one. One of the simple methods of sniffing out a mending machine is to make a trip to a nearby gas station as there would likely be one on location.

However, gas stations can be in populous locations where gunfire can take place so if you’re planning on avoiding gas stations in general, here’s a map plus directions containing the locations of mending machines.

All mending machine locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8
Be sure to visit one of these locations if your health or shield depletes. There are mending machines in these locations. (Picture: Fortnite.gg)
  • Check the southside wall of a gas station west of the town in Believer Beach

  • On the northwest corner of a building outside the gas station in Viking Vessel

  • East side of Pleasant Park right next to the gas station

  • The gas station in the northeastern corner of Boney Burbs

  • North of Sludgy Swamp at the gas station in the T-intersection

  • South of Hydro 16 on the western wall of the gas station

  • South of Craggy Cliffs, head to the eastside of Blue Steel Bridge outside the building

  • The landmark intersection at the gas station a Y, west of Steamy Stacks

  • North of Green Steel Bridge outside of the gas station

  • The gas station between Lake Canoe and The Aftermath at the northern wall of Gas N’ Grub

  • The southwest corner of Lazy Lake, on the western wall of the gas station

  • South of Catty Corner, outside the gas station

Using a mending machine, at least once this season, will grant players with 14,000XP and 25 gold bars for purchasing a health item plus completing a punch card quest, so it would be worth finding one before the chapter ends.

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Feature/Header image via Epic Games.