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All Campfire Locations In Fortnite - Dance At A Lit Campfire At Night

Dance At A Lit Campfire At Night is a Fortnitemares Quest. Find out all the campfire locations and how to complete the quest.
All Campfire Locations In Fortnite - Dance At A Lit Campfire At Night

The Fortnitemares 2022 event has brought many new features, including ominous points of interest and scary creatures running about the map. With that said, in darkness, there should be light, right? Well, that’s what campfires are for in Fortnite. So in celebration of Fortnitemares 2022, Epic Games has a mission for all its players, including lighting a campfire at night and dancing around the fire.

However, this mission doesn’t come without a reward, either. Players will be rewarded 15,000 XP after completing this challenge, so without further delay, jump into all there is to know. This guide details all the relevant campfire locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, as well as the steps needed to complete the “Dance At A Lit Campfire At Night” challenge in the game.

Where Are All The Campfires In Fortnite?

campfires fortnite
There are tons of campfires all over Fortnite. (Picture: YouTube via Bodil40)

Campfires, in general, are great for healing yourself, but for this mission, you’ll need to mainly light one to complete the challenge. Several campfires are located all around the map in Fortnite, but it’ll only take some time to reach them.

You can find numerous campfires across Synapse Station and Cloudy Condos. Here’s a screenshot of some areas with the most abundantly placed campfires on the map.

campfires fortnite
You can find tons of campfires located here in Fortnite. (Picture: YouTube via Arrosp Gaming)

How To Complete The Dance At A Lit Campfire At Night Quest In Fortnite

fortnite dance at a lit campfire at night challenge
Fortnite's Dance At A Lit Campfire At Night challenge is pretty straightforward. (Picture: YouTube via Bodil40)

The Dance At A Lit Campfire At Night challenge is relatively simple. You shouldn’t have any issue figuring out the necessary steps to complete this mission. Instead, waiting for nightfall across the map will probably be the only challenging step in finishing it.

Firstly, you’ll need to load into a match. Afterward, you must head to a campfire location across the map. Bear in mind that you’ll need to wait for it to be nighttime for the challenge to process and be completed. This step means it’ll be a bit dangerous if you’re waiting around without any weapons or items to heal yourself or maneuver away from fights, so be prepared.

Once you’re at the campfire location, interact with it and light the fire. The campfire should be lit, and then all you’ll need to do is press any dance move. This step should cause you to dance around the campfire, and that’s all. A small notification indicating you’ve completed the challenge should be displayed and that you’ve been rewarded 15,000 XP. If not, try these steps repeatedly and see if it works, or check your challenge tab in-game.

For a more visually detailed walkthrough, feel free to watch this YouTube video above.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.