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Coca-Cola promotes 'pixel-flavored drink' in Fortnite

Coca-Cola's new pixel-flavored energy drink will feature a unique Fortnite experience, and players will need this special code to gain access.
Coca-Cola promotes 'pixel-flavored drink' in Fortnite

Coca-Cola recently announced the release of its new 'pixel-flavored' energy drink, called Coca-Cola Zero Byte. The drink is inspired by gaming and will feature an accompanying virtual experience in the popular Fortnite title.

Fortnite players won't need to purchase the drink to get in on the fun, but they will need a free code. We'll walk you through all the details of Coke's new "gaming-inspired" drink and how to join in on the virtual activities in Fortnite Creative.

Coca-Cola's Pixel-Flavored Drink - Fortnite

Though it's a physical item, the Coca-Cola Zero Byte experience will primarily be digital. (Image: The Coca-Cola Company)

Coca-Cola Zero Byte is the latest addition to the company's Coca-Cola Creations line, a limited-edition series that focuses on creating drinks whose flavors express ideas and concepts. The Zero Byte is a zero-sugar energy drink meant to reflect the flavor of... well, gaming, making Coke's digital 'Pixel Point' Fortnite experience perfectly appropriate.

“For our second expression from Coca-Cola Creations, we wanted to create an innovative taste inspired by the playfulness of pixels, rooted in the experiences that gaming makes possible", said Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy for The Coca-Cola Company, in a press release.

Coca-Cola Zero Byte launched in a few Latin American countries on 4th April 2022. The product will reach the United States on 2nd May 2022, but those who want to try the beverage will only be able to purchase it online, making the experience fully digital.

The drink will come in packs of two 12oz cans, so those who purchase them can try one and collect the remaining can.

Fortnite Pixel Point - Code

Pixel Point will feature four fun minigames, but players will only be able to participate for a limited time. (Image:

To go with the drink's gaming theme, the new drop will make an appearance in Fortnite's metaverse before it appears in real life. It's safe to say Coca-Cola released Pixel Point just in time for the release of Chapter 3 Season 2.

Coke's Fortnite map is hosted in Fortnite Creative mode and features four gaming and Coke-themed minigames: The Castle, The Escape, The Race, and The Tower. The games provide different modes like traditional racing, castle defense, and races against the clock.

Players can play on Pixel Point now by entering the following Fortnite Creative code: 8565-0287-3178.

The Pixel Point experience will only be available for a limited time, so players should hop on soon if they want to try out the minigames. The next Coca-Cola Creations portal will open on 2nd May 2022.

The games were created by Coca-Cola and PWR, and are not in direct partnership with Fortnite. Want to stay up-to-date with Fortnite news? Take a look at our dedicated section for more!


Featured image courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company.

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